More Cheese, Please! by Tiffany Strelitz-Haber

cheeseMore Cheese Please!

By Tiffany Strelitz-Haber

Illustrated by I Cenizal

Ebook: 20 pages – ages 3-6

Published by KiteReaders on August 25, 2013

About the book- When cute, sweet, pleasant, baby Felicity is eating some cheese for a snack, she loves every second of it!… Until she runs out. That’s when the trouble (and the wackiness) begins!


Felicity’s yells for “more cheese” scares the farm animals, shatters windows and gives the mayor a headache! Will someone find her some cheese?!? PLEASE!!!

What I like- This is a cute story that works well as an ebook. The illustrations are cute and pleasing to look at. The plot is goofy and I like how Felicity sends the whole town in a frenzy. The rhyme in the book is great. It flows well and it is fun to read. The real fun of this book would be to read it out loud to a young kid and mimic all the excitement and drama in the book as the towns-folk scatter to find cheese. I can see some parents not liking that Felicity is yelling for something but I think the book is just meant as a silly story that parents and kids can have fun with.

I give this book four out five bookworms fourbooks

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  1. ‘Just a silly story that parents and kids can have fun with’ music to my ears, Erik. Tiffany has loads of books out now, and they all look fab. I think I’ve read two so far. So pleased for her.

  2. Sounds like a sweet read!

  3. Know Tiffany, love Tiffany, and love her work! This is her first foray into the E-book Kingdom. I hope it does really well! 😀

  4. My daughter loves cheese! She is a cheese-addict – can eat an entire can of brie all by herself. I’m sure she’d enjoy this book.

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