Taylor Davis and the Clash of Kingdoms by Michelle Isenhoff

Let me start the New Year off right with a review of a great book!  😀

taylordavisbook2_cover_600x900Taylor Davis and the Clash of Kingdoms

By Michelle Isenhoff

244 pages – ages 9+ (ebook reviewed)

Published by CreateSpace on January 1, 2014

Taylor Davis is back, along with Elena Camila Velasquez Cartahena, and their guardian angels/agents, Mike (short for Amikim) and Ranofur! They need to save the world from chaos and destruction, before a third World War erupts! The team is sure that Bartholomew Swain (a horrible pirate who ate a rotten piece of fruit from the Tree of Life who they thought they got rid of in the first book – Taylor Davis and the Flame of Findul  – see my review HERE) is behind several hypnotized students, friends of Taylor, who have tried to beat him up, but they have no proof. The trouble isn’t just at Taylor’s school though. The whole world is going wonky. When the European Union, British Parliament, and the United Nations erupt in violence, Taylor knows something very bad is up. How will he and his team stop it – whatever it is?

This was a great second book in the Taylor Davis trilogy. I love how Mrs. Isenhoff writes an exciting adventure appropriate for middle grade kids.  The action kept me on the edge of my seat and the story kept me wanting to read more. Taylor and Elena are great characters that I enjoy reading about. I love the mix of angels/villains/humans in the series. Taylor seemed to have changed at the end of the book, more mature, I think, but in a good way. I guess saving the world will do that to a character! I like the sounds (but not the looks) of Simgali the Trickster – very interesting character.   Mrs. Isenhoff writing style gave me a great picture of the story without being dragged down with too many details. It made the book enjoyable to read. I could have done without the tad bit of romance (Elena has a boyfriend, and a thing at the end of the book), but that’s just me. 😉

I give this book five out of five bookworms! fivebooks

To learn more about Mrs. Isenhoff and her other books, please click HERE.

To find where to buy Taylor Davis 2 – click HERE.

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  1. Oh, cool! What a great way to start the year. Thanks for the awesome review. Lol, I scaled all romance down to bare bones. I was thinkiong of you, Erik! 🙂 My boys don’t like that sort of thing, either.

  2. I remember rolling my eyes at romance, too! Still do sometimes 😉 Hooray for Michelle and a terrific series!

  3. Sounds like another great adventure for middle graders. Ms. Isenhoff really writes a good story. I’m glad to hear this is a good sequal to the frist Taylor Davis. Glad to hear that middle grade boys aren’t interested in the romance in a story. I think middle grade girls may think differently.

  4. The cover seemed a bit mature to me but It does sound like an interesting book from your review. I’ll have to check it out. 🙂

  5. A great review of an awesome sounding book. A bit of romance doesn’t hurt either.

  6. Harry Potter did fine with a bit of romance, I believe? Sounds like a real thriller!

  7. I have the first Taylor Davis book to read and I am looking forward to it. So glad to hear that you enjoyed the second book just as much. Awesome review. 🙂

  8. This is a great review, Erik. I had to smile at your dislike for romance, which my own 12 year old seemed to look for in her books. We just read Missed Connections by Sophie Blackall and she was just crazy about that. 🙂


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