Creative Kid Thursday – Wonder Reader Faith Jackson!

Today I want you to meet Faith Jackson. She reads like crazy! I applaud Faith, who is 9 years old and read 272 books in 6 months. So all of you that think there aren’t kids who read as much as me, meet Faith! I asked Faith to write an article for my blog about anything of her choice. Faith decided to write about her favorite author, Enid Blyton!!!


You may not have heard of Enid Blyton before, but she was an author and a GREAT one too! Believe it or not she wrote about 800 books!! I haven’t got all of them but, I have read about 65 so far.

A few of the ones she wrote, and that I have read, are;

Shadow The Sheepdogshadow

The Malory Towers Series

The Famous Five Series

The Secret Island Series

The Faraway Tree Series.

 A lot of her books are in series, which is good because if you like one of her books, then there’s another and another and another. She also wrote lots of stand alone books like Hollow Tree House and Those Dreadful Children, these are good too because you get to imagine what could happen in the next one.


Most of her books are based on adventure or animals or magic. If you like magic, then you would enjoy The Faraway Tree or The Wishing Chair. If you enjoy adventure then there’s lots of choice, you could try The Secret Seven,  The Famous Five, the Valley of Adventure or the Secret Island.


 You can meet lots of interesting characters in Enid Blytons books too. In The Children Of Willow Farm there is Tammylan The Wildman, in The Faraway Tree you’ll find characters like Dane Washalot, Mr Whatzisname and The Old Saucepan Man, and there is George (that’s a girl) in The Famous Five.

 Even though Enid Blyton’s last book was published over 50 years ago they are still fun and full of life.

Now that you hear Faith on Enid Blyton, here is a little about Faith,

“Faith is 9 years old and lives in the English countryside, absolutely nowhere near London. She has an always upside down 7-year-old sister, mostly annoying 4 and 5-year-old brothers, 2 tortoiseshell cats and parents who are always telling her to “stop reading and GO TO SLEEP!”.
When Faith doesn’t have her nose in a book she likes karate, gymnastics and learning to play the drums.”

Thanks for stopping by Faith! I know I am going to be checking out some of Enid Blyton’s books!

To learn more about Faith, click HERE, HERE, and HERE to read newspaper articles about her!

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    For all you Children’s Authors – here is one of the Kid’s you are working for 🙂

  2. Faith sure does like reading. If she likes dog books, which I can see she does, then I like her!

    Love and licks and I could be a sheepdog,

  3. Wow!! Way to go, Faith! I’ve never heard Enid Blyton, but her books look very interesting.

  4. Wow, now that is what I call Insatiable!

  5. Terrific post! Sounds like Faith (and you, too Erik) might like the Living Forest books by Sam Campbell. They were written in the 40s and 50s and are about real life adventures of Sam, who was a naturalist, and the creatures around his cabin, deep in the woods. Here’s a Goodreads link: I read these as a kid about your age and loved them.

  6. Awesome! The magic Faraway Tree and The Wishing Chair are my favorite books of all time.

  7. I applaud Faith too – and her good taste in books!

  8. Way to go Faith. You are inspiring! Erik, I enjoy your Creative Kid Thursday. Each post is so unique!

  9. Wonderful to hear from Faith — I’ve heard of Enid Blyton but never read any of her books. Faith’s got me excited about reading some of them now. Thanks for the fun post! 🙂

  10. My sisters and I LOVED Enid Blyton’s stories! I still keep some of my favourite ones. The Faraway Tree (a.k.a. The Enchanted Woods) series, the Wishing Chair series, Mr. Meddlesome, Mr. Pink Whistle, and those individual books of many short stories (The Tower in Ho Ho Woods, The Teddy Bear’s Tail, The Magic Brush etc.).

    And when we were older, we went for the boarding school stories ~ Elizabeth (the naughtiest girl), and The Malory Towers.

    It is so good to meet you, Faith, and thanks much, much, much for introducing her, Erik!

  11. Faith sounds like another superkid to me! 272 books in 6 months is astonishing. Enid Blyton was a prolific writer and very popular in England. It is great to know that young people still enjoy her work as it is timeless. I hope you read some of her books Erik. You are making some wonderful friends all over the world. Thanks for introducing us to Faith. (I think Amanda would like her.)

  12. It is so heart-warming to meet such an avid reader as you, Faith! I am very old now, but I also read Enid Blyton when I was a child…Great books are a thread that connects generations of imaginations! Bravo, Faith and Erik.

  13. Delightful post about another SuperKid! Birds of a feather, flock together!

  14. Yay, super reader, Faith! Way to go. Great choice of books – with dogs in them. 😉 No one here ever heard of this Enid Blyton human. Faith, thank you for introducing her to us and thank you, Erik for introducing Faith to us.

  15. WooHoo for Faith! And Erik for introducing her to us! I’ve heard of Ms Blyton, but never read any of her books. I will be looking for them now. Whew! All those dog books waiting to be read! And a good series is always a treasure. Thanks Erik and Faith!!

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    Had a link to this lovely little article sent to us by Faith’s mum, and we thought it so good we just had to share it.

  17. Fantastic! If you would like to read more about Enid Blyton, check here:

  18. Congratulations Faith! That’s quite an accomplishment! If you’re interested in dragons, I’ve got a book I’d love to give you a copy of. Erik gave it 5 bookworms so I’ll let you be the judge. Just let me know if you’re interested. Keep up the good work!

  19. 272 books in 6 months?! That’s crazy. I wish I had time to read that much. Enid Blyton sounds cool, too, I’m going to have to check her books out.

  20. I love how much Faith reads! Truly amazing. I try to read at least one-two novels per week, but that’s virtually nothing compared to what you and Faith read. 🙂 Enjoy reading as much books as you can! 🙂

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