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Everybody repeat after me! S-N-O-W-D-A-Y!!! WOO! Another snow day this week! Plus, tomorrow was already a school day off!

Let’s celebrate!

I have a F-U-N book to tell you about today! I was psyched when I got an invitation for this blog tour for a couple of reasons. First I loved Mr. Munson’s book Enemy Pie


and secondly his new book, Bad Dad reminds me of my own dad! 🙂

BUT – first, I want to introduce you to Mr. Munson –


“Derek Munson works as a writer, speaker, and all-around daydreamer. His current hobbies include playing with his kids, avoiding his household responsibilities, and crashing on his mountain bike. He lives in Bellingham, Washington with his wife Suzanne, their daughter Abby, their son Zack, and Roger the family dog.”

Now, let me tell you about his new book – “Bad Dad!”

Bad Dad Cover

Bad Dad

By Derek Munson

Illustrated by Melody Wang

40 pages – ages 5+

Will be Published by Cannonball Books on February 28, 2014

Publisher’s description –

“Uh oh! Looks like Dad is in trouble again! The library books are overdue. The kids are late for school. And the last cookie is missing from the cookie jar. Again. And somehow, Dad always seems to be in the middle of it all. But is he really all that bad?”

What I think – 

 This is a hilarious book! The things the dad does are silly and make you laugh-out-loud, yet the ending is very sweet and makes you smile. The dad is actually a totally nice and super cool guy, and a wonderful dad. 🙂 The illustrations are gorgeous, and are an awesome addition to the story. The expressions on the character’s faces tell a lot. The fact that his kids take part in some of the “trouble” (for example, when Dad takes the last cookie from the jar, you can see in the illustration that his kids each have one cookie) just adds to the humor of the story. The dog is very cute too. I love the message of the book – Dads are pretty cool. 🙂 I think kids would love this book! 

BONUS! I got to ask Mr. Munson a few questions about his book and writing! 

Thank you Mr. Munson for agreeing to this interview!

ERIK: Are you a “bad dad” or a “not bad dad” (or both)?

MR. MUNSON: Definitely both. I easily get in more trouble than my 10 year old daughter does. As for my 9 year old son? I’d say we’re about even there… But I love being with my kids. It’s my favorite way to spend my time.

ERIK: My dad is banned from doing the laundry and he isn’t as good getting us ready for school in the morning as mom, but he’s a great dad. We wrestle even when he’s tired and he goes for walks with us even if it’s raining. What is the best “bad dad” thing you remember your dad doing?

MR. MUNSON: Ha! Love it! It sounds like he might relate to the dad in this book a bit. And I’m both impressed and intrigued- what’s the trick to getting banned from doing laundry?

The best “bad dad” thing my dad ever did was locking the keys in the car at the store while it was running. He got all stressed out and started pacing back and forth in front of the store. I was 9 years old, and should have known what pacing was when I saw it. But instead I followed him back and forth like a duckling or something. He thinks it’s funny now, but he didn’t think so when it was happening…

ERIK: Just so you know, dad was banned from the laundry because he didn’t take his chapstick out of his jeans before putting them in the wash and then it went through the dryer and he washed his jeans with one of my Mom’s favorite sweaters and he dried it on high… Mom wasn’t happy. 🙂  What do you like best about writing children’s books?

MR. MUNSON: I get to spend lots of time daydreaming. And I get paid to be goofy.

ERIK: Paid to be goofy?!? I’d be a millionaire! 😀 What would you be doing if you weren’t a writer?

MR. MUNSON: I would be a stand up comedian, a board game designer, or the owner of an old fashioned candy store.

ERIK: Very cool choices! Can you tell us about any up-coming projects that you are working on?

MR. MUNSON: I have a sequel to Bad Dad in the works. I am also editing the final draft of the first book in a series called Alien All-Stars. I’ve been developing the concept for almost 10 years, with some pretty big ups and downs along the way. I’m not sure about the release date for the books, but the first 3 in the series should be completed by early summer.

ERIK: Well I know I’ll be looking for more of your books! 🙂 

Thanks again to Derek Munson for appearing.  For other stops on the Bad Dad Tour please check

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  1. Looks like a fun book for dads to read to their kids!!!

  2. Omigosh, you are cracking me up about the snow day! And your dad being banned from the laundry!

    Great interview, Erik. Even though my kids are past the picture book age, this is one I’ll be looking for 🙂

  3. Great interview Erik and David. Bad Dad sounds like a super-fun read!

  4. Really enjoyed the interview Erik. And, I love the idea behind the Bad Dad book. Kids and dads will havve a ball with this one. Sounds very funny!

  5. SO great that you got to interview Derek Munson! You have all the connection, Erik! I am a huge Enemy Pie fan, and Bad Dad looks terrific! And I love the idea of running an old-fashioned candy store!

  6. Very fun interview and I would also love to run an old-fashioned candy store with big jars of toffees and humbugs! Both Munson’s books look fun.

  7. The first cover is GROSS! lol But the second one looks very amusing 😀

  8. Fun interview! I’ll be on the lookout for BAD DAD.

  9. Another snow day? It’s really hard to tell how happy you are about that. 🙂
    What a fun interview – you and Mr. Munson make a good comedy team. Bad Dad looks wonderful!

  10. Hmmm. I think I know a Dad like this one. And one who might need to read the book. hmmmm. Great interview. i was hoping to find out about Roger.

  11. This must be a record for snow days! I love the sound of this book. We all know a few bad Dads! My dad would steal my mom’s baking chocolate chips and share them with us.We were sworn to secrecy but I think mom had a good idea who took them. Mr. Munson sounds like a cool guy and he lives very close to me.

  12. That sounds like a must-read to me. Great interview, Erik!

  13. Reblogged this on KidHeaded and commented:
    Whenever I look at Erik’s blog I feel like a mushy brained underachiever. Seriously. He is 12 years old. 12! What was I doing when I was 12? Playing space invaders in my grandma’s basement. Sigh.
    Sheesh- why am I being such a downer? This interview was a blast! Not only is Erik brilliant, he’s also a great kid. Hats off to ya, Erik!

  14. Great interview Eric! And I love the sound of that book. Thank you!

  15. The book sounds great and more books about fathers and sons is needed.

  16. Look at you sharing laundry secrets from your father. What a riot. Sounds like a fab book. The cover is inviting and the humor sounds like it is up our alley. Nice job on an entertaining review, Erik!

  17. Super review and interview, SuperKid! What a fun book! To all those dads out there faking incompetence to get out of chores: It’s merely a matter of time before the deception is discovered! Ha!

  18. Really looks like fun, and I love the cover. Great interview, Bad Dad & Erik!

  19. Aww. Looks really nice. Have you read Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean’s The Day I Swapped my Dad for Two Goldfish? Looks like they would be great companion books.

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