COVER REVEAL! The Guardian Herd: Starfire by Jennifer Lynn Alvarez

I have an exciting post for you today! It is a cover reveal for a book I can’t wait to read (but sadly I will have to)!

RELEASE DATE 9/23/2014

Guardian Herd HCFinal

Starfire is book 1 in the Guardian Herd series written by Jennifer Alvarez!

Jennifer Alvarez_001

The series will be published by Harper Collins Children’s Books.

Here is the publisher’s summary –

“Once every hundred years, a black pegasus foal is born. But its uncertain destiny will forever change the five herds of flying horses that live in the land of Anok. For this foal will either unite or destroy the herds—and is fated to become the most powerful pegasus in all of Anok.

Star is this black foal.
With malformed wings that make him unable to fly, Star seems harmless enough. But with the prophecy looming, the leaders of each herd will take no risks. They will execute Star before the prophecy can take effect on his first birthday.
With threats from all the herds, including his own, and nowhere to hide, Star must rely on his small group of friends. But it’s his own strength from within that will surprise him, no matter what the future may hold.
Perfect for fans of Warriors and Survivors, this first book in a thrilling new series will keep readers quickly turning the pages as they follow Star on his epic journey.”
Sounds pretty cool huh? 😀 I enjoy Ms. Alvarez’s writing style. You can read a review I did of her book The Pet Washer HERE.
Ms. Alvarez also shared with me how she got the inspiration for her new book –
“I’ve wanted to write books about horses since I was a little girl, but I felt like every horse story had already been told. I spent years writing about everything else. One day while I was driving home, I imagined a herd of pegasi flying above my car. I became immediately obsessed with them. I tried to research the pegasi, and found very little information, other than the popular Greek myth. I realized the only way to know more, was to write about them myself. So I dived into their fierce and incredible world and recorded everything I saw from the point-of-view of a special colt named Star. After I finished book one and my agent sold it to HarperCollins, I wrote book two and I’m currently writing book three. Some days I spend more time in Anok than I do at home! Luckily, HarperCollins has created a detailed map for me (which is included in the book), so I no longer get lost when I visit there. I can’t wait to share book one, STARFIRE, with readers!”
Sounds like my kind of book! I already have it on my TBR list!
To learn more about Ms. Alvarez and her other books, please visit her website HERE.

Visit the Harper Collins Children’s Books website HERE.

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  1. I will want to read this book! I love the story and books about beautiful mythical creatures. The cover is absolutely captivating. Since the release date is September 23, I hope you preview it again so I remember.

  2. This does sound like an interesting book. Wow, we have to wait through the summer, too. 🙂 The cover is great. Thanks for sharing, Erik!

  3. There really aren’t that many stories centered around pegasi. Thanks for sharing this reveal. The cover is very beautiful and sounds like a great story 🙂

  4. This sounds like a book I would enjoy. The cover is gorgeous.
    Thanks for sharing about this, Erik, and I’m sure you will review this book as soon as you have read it. 🙂

  5. Looks great! I look forward to your review.

  6. HarperCollins bought your first book? Wow! That is exciting. I have always loved pegasus but it was always white. I had never seen a black winged horse. Hm, I may just need to check this out. I love the cover.

  7. This looks beautiful indeed. 🙂

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