Dinosaurs: Amazing Animal Kingdom Series by Emma Child

dinosaursDINOSAURS: Fun Facts and Amazing Photos of Animals in Nature (Amazing Animal Kingdom Series)

By Emma Child

34 pages – ages 7+

Sold by Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

Have you ever wondered about the dinosaurs who ruled the Earth so long ago? This book gives great examples of some of the dinosaurs who lived millions of years ago. It also has information about fossils in the first couple of pages and how the dinosaurs may have died in the last few pages. It is put in an easy to read format, and kids can learn a lot from it.

This is a good non-fiction book for independent readers. Ms Child’s writing style is kid-friendly as she explains things in an easy-to-understand way. I learned some things from this book too! Even though there is a lot of information contained in the book, it is put together well and is easy to read. The only thing I would change is the fact that there are little pictures – as in not enough, and they are too small. The pictures can be clicked on to open a new window (I read it on a Kindle Fire HD) where they are enlarged and you can then use the zoom feature to make them even bigger, but in my opinion larger pictures within the book would fit better with the high quality of Ms. Child’s writing. I think pictures are important in books meant for this age range. The cover is awesome though. The book is part of Ms. Child’s Animal Kingdom Series. I’ve read several of them and they all have the same great quality of writing and information. The other books are about sharks, snakes, horses and dolphins. 

I give “Dinosaurs” four out of five bookworms.fourbooks

To learn more about the Animal Kingdom Series check out Ms. Child’s Amazon Author page HERE or her blog HERE.

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  1. Reading is fundamental and getting in some great non-fiction time is essential. Dinos are a pretty cool topic, too.

  2. My boys are fascinated by dinosaurs, too. In fact, we’re going tomorrow to see a special fossil exhibit at the museum in the city near our house. I don’t buy into the millions of years however. I think they were created with the rest of the animals on days 5 and 6 and their populatons eventually became “endangered” and died out like every other species we’ve lost. There’s too much evidence like fossils that still contain blood vessels, carvings of dinosaurs on temples and such, and human and dinosaur footprints found together in Texas to blindly buy evolutionist theory. I loved this book that shows dinosaurs in a whole new light: http://bit.ly/1gwe0aZ.

    • How was the fossil exhibit? I love seeing stuff like that! I know there are different views of how everything fits together. I think its good for everyone to read as much as they can about this subject – I saw the cover of the book you recommended – very cool – I’ll check it out!

  3. I love really great boy books like this. So many wonderful facts about this that kids will love. Love that cover!

  4. I am still fascinated by dinosaurs!

  5. Eric, I read Emma’s book on my Kindle Fire and enlarged the photos and drawings by double-tapping on them – to close them, tap the X top right of screen – hope that helps you 🙂

  6. Personally, I had no problem regards size because I used the finger & thumb spread action on the touch-screen to enlarge them further.
    The only other way to make them bigger would be to have single pictures of larger scale and higher resolution, which would add to the book price in Amazon’s view I think.

  7. A kid down the street is dinosaur crazy, I’ll tell him about it. Thanks, Erik!

  8. I’m hiding behind the big chair now, because of that book cover. I’m not coming out.

    Love and licks and please don’t let him eat me,

  9. What a great cover. i love dinosaurs. There will be dinosaurs in the next Amanda book (well skeletons anyway) You might want to check out Drumheller Dinosaur Dance for a fun picture book. https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/1577436.Drumheller_Dinosaur_Dance

  10. OOh! That cover is pretty cool! Did that book mention Glen Rose? We’re the dinosaur capital of Texas. I don’t know exactly what that means, but some significant dinosaur finds were made here and there are dinosaurs all over town. This sounds like a pretty good book.

  11. It is just amazing to think that these creatures once roamed the earth. What fun it would be to be an archaeologist and discover their fossils. Great review, SuperKid Erik!

  12. Very nice review, thank you for sharing your candid thoughts as well about the need for more pictures for nonfiction books. I can’t agree more. I admit that it’s part of my reading gap, but pictures do help a great deal in this genre.

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