The Wavering Werewolf: A Monsterrific Tale by David Lubar

waveringThe Wavering Werewolf

by David Lubar

144 pages- ages 8+

Series: Monsterrific Tales

Published by Starscape on January 14, 2014

Norman was just an everyday kid. That is, until he happened to get bitten by a wolf during a school science field trip through a forest. Suddenly, Norman is getting weird wolf attributes, like his nails are growing into claw-like things, and he doesn’t need his glasses anymore. He realizes he is becoming a wolf – a WEREWOLF! Fortunately, a man on the streets gives him an amulet that can turn him back to normal. The amulet, though, will only work on a night with a full moon. But the thing is, Norman kind of likes being a werewolf. Will he choose to be plain Norman again?

I seem to be finding a lot of “monster” books (not usually the type of book I pick up) lately that I really enjoy. I thought this was a great book! It isn’t a typical “monster” book (no blood, guts or gore). It’s more about a kid’s struggle to figure out who (or what 😉 ) he wants to be. I love how Mr. Lubar writes humor into the story. He definitely knows how to keep a reader interested in his book. Norman is a cool character that the reader cares about. I like how he doesn’t realize he’s a werewolf at first – nice touch. There were a few black and white illustrations scattered throughout the book that were a nice addition to the story.

Five out of five bookworms for this fun book! fivebooks

To learn more about Mr. Lubar and his books, please visit his website HERE.


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  1. This sounds pawsome, Erik!

  2. *howls* Mr. Lubar is a wonderful storyteller — love his humor. Thanks for featuring this book!

  3. Interesting twist with the mc liking his new status!

  4. Hmmm…wanting to stay a werewolf. I get it. ~Stanley

  5. Hey Erik, have you ever met him? He lives in this neck of the woods (not sure exactly where!) and is really super supportive and generous. I met him when he was a visiting author at a grade school I was subbing in. Might be a good person to interview!

  6. I do like David Lubar’s writing. Thanks for this recommendation.

  7. That is certainly a twist on a werewolf story. Didn’t expect that it was about deciding about who you want to be. Great review.

  8. I like fun monster books that are more about monsters figuring out who they are. This fits the bill. Nice review Erik. Maybe you are really a monster and this is why you are gravitating toward monster books. Maybe?

  9. Bitten by a wolf? Yikes! Gives us good guys a bad rap! That big bad wolf must have had rabies. ; ) Looks like a fun read even though I think werewolves are scary, but certainly popular. Nice review, SuperKid Erik!

  10. I love monster books. Haha. Scary, dark, disturbing stories. And pretty light ones too with an uplifting message. I like traversing the line between light and dark. The Wavering Werewolf looks interesting.


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