12×12 Update! February 2014


I am trying to do Julie Hedlund’s 12×12 Challenge again this year. It is a challenge to write 12 picture book drafts in 12 months in 2014. You can click on the 12×12 banner on the right side bar or the one above to learn more about it.

February has been a pretty successful month for me. I wrote a new PB draft, and I revised an old one. Two super awesome members of the group let me be in their critique group this year. I can’t wait to get started with that (we are starting this month). I also have found the 12×12 Forum easier to use this year (WOO HOO – Ms. Hedlund!). I have used it a bunch already and submitted a pitch and the first 250 words of a PB MS I wrote. Life is good. 🙂

I am looking forward to learning a lot this year!

How about you? How’s your writing going? Are you doing 12×12?

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  1. Congratulations on your progress so far! It’s so great you found a critique group. They are so helpful. I’m not doing 12 x 12, but I am working diligently on Amanda in Alberta-The Writing on the Stone. Only two more chapters to wrap it up, but they are always the hardest.

  2. Erik,
    Good for you! A member of our critique group participated last year and had no regrets. She found it to be both a challenge and a huge growth opportunity. Good luck! Sandy

  3. Your enthusiasm about writing and your projects always inspires me, Erik! Great good luck on 12×12!

  4. You are becoming quite prolific for such a young age. I’d ask if you have time for anything else, you know, be a kid while you can, but I know your parents make sure of that. And you have that black belt, so I decided to be careful what I said about being a 12-year-old prolific picture book writer instead of a kid. 😀 Is Josie doing the illustrations?

  5. How old are you again, Erik? 😉 Congratulations on meeting your goals. You are inspiring to all! ~CM & the Gang

  6. Good job, E. You are having good progress, just like Mom. She has me to help her. Who helps you?

    Love and licks,

  7. Awesome, Erik! You are an inspiration. So glad you are getting so much writing done. Yeah!

  8. Keep up the good work, SuperKid Erik! I am not participating in 12 x 12, but I did seriously consider it. Maybe next year. Thanks for inspiring us! Seriously, how do you do all that you do?

  9. Best of luck, dear Erik! And thanks for sharing this as well to my class. 🙂


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