Creative Pet Thursday! Meet Mitzi Jo!

Today is Creative Kid PET Thursday!

Time for some cuteness!

Mitzi Jo tutu (2)

and one more –

Mitzi JO butterfly princess (5)

I double dog dare you not to fall in love with my very special guest today. Mitzi Jo!

mitzi jo inm glasses

Mitzi Jo writes a column called “Paws for Thought” for the Upper Bucks Free Press, the same newspaper I write for. 🙂

mitzi jo reads paper4Her human helper, L.j. Burns (A.K.A. Momma Jean), and Mitzi Jo also blog  about her adventures at the doggy daycare Momma Jean runs (click HERE to go THERE).


Mitzi Jo is one talented puppy! In her spare time, Mitzi Jo wrote (with Momma Jean’s help)  a book called “A Doggy Daycare Day.”



A Doggy Daycare Day

By L.j. Burns

Illustrated by Andrea Vitali

28 pages – ages 9+

Published by CreateSpace on April 14, 2012

A Doggy Daycare Day is a cute story written from the point of view of Mitzi Jo. Mitzi Jo is a leader in her own family as well as the Doggy Daycare group. She tells all the dogs about the rules when they come to the daycare and then helps her friends follow them. All the dogs at the daycare have different personalities and the reader gets to see what the day is like from their perspective. You get an idea of what happens in a dog’s mind, too. The reader follows Mitzi Jo and her doggy friends as they chase invading squirrels, help dogs calm down, share toys, and much more in this fully illustrated book!

I couldn’t wait to find out more about Mitzi Jo!  Mitzi Jo and Momma Jean let me ask them some interview questions.

bloglogoThank you both for letting me ask you some interview questions! Mitzi Jo, what’s it like running a doggy daycare, and of course, having Momma Jean help you?

mitzi jo inm glassesI love having a purpose in my life.  I am a very social dog and enjoy meeting all the new canines that come to play. Being the leader of our family pack of dogs means I have to explain the rules to all the visiting dogs.


bloglogo It sounds like you have a lot of responsibilities! It must be very interesting being part of a Doggy Daycare. What inspired you to write the book  “A Doggy Daycare Day”?

mitzi jo inm glassesWhile I was greeting a new playmate Momma Jean noticed how well our family of dogs accept new friends. She thought this is no different than human children learning to play together and accepting each other on a playground. She wanted me to share with the human children how much nicer it is to accept each other and use that positive peer pressure to learn to accept each other and our differences.    We have a total of 5 books written but only the first one is in print. In one of our books we have a blind dog and a crippled dog and the other dogs don’t make fun of them but instead help them through the yard.

bloglogo I think you are right! The message in your book, to accept each other, is a great one! Mitzi Jo, have you, or another dog in your immediate family, ever not gotten along with one of the dogs who came for a day? If so, what did you and/or Momma Jean do?

mitzi jo inm glassesMomma Jean usually starts with me to be the first greeting dog. She says if they don’t like me they won’t like the others. Well, we had a Boston Terrier show up one day and he walked in with his human and went to ATTACK me!! He sat there on the end of his leash staring at me. I wouldn’t even look at him so Momma Jean noticed he was a bully and told his human he couldn’t stay.  My human knows to watch my body language to understand what I am feeling.

bloglogo It is a good thing Momma Jean knows you so well! Momma Jean, when did you decide to start a doggy daycare? What is the most important thing you have learned in this business?

mommaThank you Erik for asking me a question too.  I had worked with packs of dogs as a studio animal trainer in Hollywood. The dogs were always glad when I came to work because I would get them out in the yard to play and run with each other.  They were always more content after a little playtime.  When I moved to PA in 2005 I wanted to spend more time with my dogs and offer other families with dogs the chance to let their dogs play too. Dogs can learn from other dogs just like children learn from each other

bloglogoMitzi Jo,  I read on your blog (click HERE to go to the blog) that Momma Jean is a professional animal trainer and you get to work in commercials! Is that hard to do? What’s the best thing you taught Momma Jean?

mitzi jo inm glassesGrabbing all the attention in the room is not difficult for me at all. I love it. I have trained my human to realize that if she wants me to do anything special and on her command then I need to have a dog cookie. Humans work better when they get a paycheck and so do dogs. I told her my dog cookie is my paycheck.    Thank you for the opportunity to speak my mind.

Thank you Mitzi Jo and Momma Jean!

You can Like Mitzi Jo’s Facebook page HERE.

Follow the Doggy Daycare blog HERE.

Find the book on Amazon HERE.

Okay, one more cute one –


Wait! One more –


Now one of the whole family:

Family dogs 2012


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  1. I am left speechless with all the cuteness!!

  2. So fun to hear from Mitzi Jo! Too doggone cute. 🙂

  3. Thank You Joanna. I’ve spent years honing my “look” to get what I want.

  4. I LOVE these pictures. Mtzi Jo must be patient. I love the glasses/sunglasses. And 6 dogs, if that is everyone, is a load to handle. It must be so much fun having these dogs around. I imagine I would love this book. 🙂

  5. Mitiz Jo is a very busy dog and keeps mama jean on her busy times and places you are a special dog

  6. How cute! Sandy would love to go to a doggy daycare.

  7. Too funny! I think Bailey has the whole family combined in the weight department–even with one leg missing. 🙂

  8. Mitzi Jo I’m soo proud of you and your Momma of all your hard work and efforts and most of all for sharing. Goodness pays off. Keep p the GREAT work!!! hugs and licks

  9. Great post, E. That MitziJo is one of a kind. Mom will check out her blog and her book. I am checking out her huge doggie family! Wow!

    Love and licks,

  10. Loved the post and interview. Cute title and story for a book. And, such a big doggie family.

  11. I really enjoyed this post/interview, Erik! I love dogs. I jut rescued a cutie maltese mix from our animal rescue in july. Thanks Mitzi Jo and Mama Jean for all you do.

  12. ADORABLE!!! Another dog with a blog – gotta love that. 😉
    We’ll be following your blog, Mitzi Jo. So nice to learn about all that you do.
    Dogs rule,

  13. Well, Erik! Your best interview yet!!! That Mitzi Jo is sure a hard working dog. I’m going to have to sniff out her book and blog! Thanks for introducing her!!!

    • Hey Rhythm! What I never had a chance to tell Erk was That I too am a Therapy dog. I visit nursing home And I go to the library and let kids read books to me. That is how we dogs learn about humans and to undersdtand their language. It does make me a busy puppy.

      • Being a Therapy Dog is surely a fun job!! I’m kind of sort of retired these days, but I used to go to hospitals and a detention center for kids who made some bad decisions. I spend a lot of time at school with the special needs kids. That’s my favorite job ever. It’s sure nice to meet you!

      • Every other Friday My dog sister Brandy and I go to a teen in house treatment place. They are very nice and polite and enjoy seeing us.The mental unit at the hospital is great too. They are more responsive to us then the nursing home. But I like them too.

    • Mitzi Jo is a great dog, much like you! 🙂

  14. This post just absolutely melted my heart Erik. Mitzi Jo is adorable.

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