Tummy Monster by Romelle Broas

Tummy Monster COVERTummy Monster

By  Romelle Broas

Illustrated by Sam Luu

epicture book – ages 4+

Published on December 2nd 2013 by MeeGenius

Grumble, grumble, RUMBLE!!! This boy is having some tummy troubles. His Tummy Monster won’t stop making noises! What can a kid do when a monster won’t keep quiet? This is getting quite embarrassing!

This is an extremely cute book – on a topic I haven’t seen before – growling tummies! Who hasn’t had one of those? The illustrations are awesome – they remind me a bit of Japanese Manga. Have a look!


Isn’t that great? This is a good story for pre-schoolers, and kindergarteners. I like how the MeeGenius book has a READ TO ME format. It has sound effects. I like that. It will make young children laugh. The rhyme is well-done. I love how it flows when you read it out loud. This book is excellent for its age-range! 😀

I give this book 5 out of 5 bookworms!fivebooks


Available at MeeGenius! (click HERE).

To learn more about Ms. Broas, please visit her blog HERE.

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  1. YaY for Romelle. I’m glad you reviewed this book because it reminded me of two books I need to get. YIKES. I’m SO forgetful. I’m going right now to order. What a great review, Erik! I love rhyme done well.

  2. ACK. My comment got eaten by a goblin. Man. Those stinkin’ goblins! This was a fantastic review, Erik. I love rhyme done well. I need to order Romelle’s book. And yours for my library. I forgot all about that. Going right now!

  3. What an interesting topic. I like the illustrations. They remind me of Kalpart images.

  4. Sounds fab Eric. Congrats Romelle!

  5. Thank you for the wonderful review, Erik! You made my day. Now to go satisfy my hungry tummy. 🙂

  6. Erik, the title of this book made me smile. Looks like a really fun book. I have a Tummy Monster too, every now and again. 🙂

  7. Love that cover! First time I’ve seen a book about a tummy monster. Great idea!

  8. Cute! Kids will relate.

  9. The cover picture was a tad creepy at first glance, but now that we read what it is about – it sounds cute. We were wondering what is wrong with that human! We have tummy monsters, too.

  10. The illustrations are great! You are right, Erik!

  11. Cute illustrations. Funky purple hair! Ya, it does look like manga. Congrats to Romelle!

  12. Cute story. I hope a way was found to still the rumbles. Peppermint works great. 🙂

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