Hello Honduras! My Author Skype Visit to Escuela Bilingue Santa Maria Del Valle

SKYPE is AWESOME as is the blogospehre!

Today’s post is an international occasion. It all started when  The Story Reading Ape (click HERE to go to his blog) who lives in The United Kingdom emailed me about a FABULOUS fourth grade teacher named Joanna Mojica from Honduras and said that her class would love to talk to This Kid from Pennsylvania USA about my book.

Ms. Mojica contacted me and we set up a virtual visit through SKYPE!

Escuela Bilingue Santa Maria Del Valle is located in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. It is a catholic, bilingual school and their fourth grade classes ROCK! 😀

I sent them a copy of my book to read ahead of time so they could ask me questions. I started off by introducing myself, and talking about the importance of reading. I then said a little about how I came to write my book.


After all that was said, each student got to ask me a question. I was a bit nervous because I usually talk to adults, not kids more my age. I soon felt really comfortable. They had great questions! One I really liked was “What would you do if you were president?” I wasn’t prepared for that one. I said I’d increase funding for school and public libraries. Speaking from experience, a lot of schools have no money to buy books or have a librarian on staff.

The SKYPE visit was awesome. It felt like a real conversation. 

For the last part of my visit, I talked about how my Uncle Dave gave me the stuffed toys he made (Tomato and Pea) and challenged me to write a story about them.

The Original Tomato and Pea

The Original Tomato and Pea

So, I challenged the fourth graders of Escuela Bilingue Santa Maria Del Valle school to write. Write a story about these fellows:


They could write whatever they wanted – a poem, a play, a novel, a short story, comic, anything! It just had to be about these two fine guys (or girls 😉 ) – they can name them whatever they want to also.  🙂

Plus I offered, if they wanted to, to post whatever the students wrote here on my blog. So be sure to check back!

These little guys are traveling to Honduras right now to be their classroom mascots. 🙂

Thank you Ms. Mojica and the fourth graders at Escuela Bilingue Santa Maria Del Valle school!

photo 2

Can you guess which one is me? 😉

Have a nice weekend folks!

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  1. Take us to your leader (Erik)

  2. That is so awesome, Erik! I can’t believe all the “writerly” things you’re doing!

  3. What a wonderful way to reach out to others and share your love of writing, imagining and creating. Way to go!

    I’ll be hearing more about this from Joanna – I’ll let you know when I post her side of this GREAT EXAMPLE TO AUTHORS EVERYWHERE!!! – HINT!
    YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Reblogged this on Chris The Story Reading Ape's New (to me) Authors Blog and commented:
    I’ll be hearing more about this from Joanna – I’ll let you know when I post her side of this GREAT EXAMPLE TO AUTHORS EVERYWHERE!!! – HINT!
    YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  6. You’re so inspiring, Erik! It’s incredible to read about what you do. I love the idea of giving a class 2 rather ambiguous characters and simply have them write…anything.

  7. That is fantastic! Well done! A couple of weeks ago I went into my local junior school to talk to 120 5th and 6th year students…I was soooo nervous! How would a nearly 50 uncool mum be able to engage a bunch of almost teens?!! But dyou know what? The kids were BRILL! Looks like you will be quite a pro by the time you get to my age lol!

  8. You are such an inspirations. I love that you sent them their own characters to write about. What an awesome idea! Well done.

  9. How thrilling and amazing for you, Erik! You are gaining very beneficial experience at a young age.

  10. If we could vote for a kid-lit ambassador, we wouldn’t have to. YOU ARE IT! The new characters are fabulous, did your uncle make them too?

  11. Dear Erick you are such an inspiration! I was really impressed with the interview. My fourth graders felt so inspired to keep on writing!! I Thank you so much for your time, your advice on reading to my kids, Thanks for the wonderful book you send us and the mascots!! You Rock!!

  12. You are an international star, now, SuperKid! You keep inspiring us and other nations and it won’t be long until you really do……rule the world. : D

  13. Wow! I am so impressed. That is so fantastic!! Congratulations for being international. I’m going to say “I knew you when.” I just know it. 🙂

  14. That is super-awesome that you got a chance to skype with a class of students on an international level. And may I say that your answer for what you’d do if you were president ROCKS!

  15. This is just plain awesome! 🙂

  16. I’m so proud of you, Erik! They will all probably get easier after the first one and that challenge is super. Erik for President for sure.

  17. So proud of you. You’re 12, and you’re already being asked to speak in Singapore and Honduras. My prediction is that you will be your class president in HS and deliver the graduation speech 6 years for now. You will major in something that gives to or help others, but still write for fun. Then we will start shouting Erik for President!

  18. Hooray for you! Well done!!

  19. How fabulous! Wow! You are doing all the right things. What a GREAT visit. And how clever of you to be so inclusive.

  20. Everyone else has already said it, but I’m going to join in — this is awesome. YOU are awesome! So glad you had the opportunity to do this, and I know those kids will be inspired for a very long time because of their SKYPE visit with you!

  21. That SKYPE is a magical thing! What a great experience for you AND those 4th graders! Did I hear something about you running for president?

  22. Congrats to you! What a cool creative prompt! I look forward to seeing what they come up with.

  23. Wow! Congratulations. Already you’re making a name for yourself.

  24. Congratulations, or felicitaciones, Erik. So wonderful to see you motivate people of all ages. Keep up the good work – you are a superstar!

  25. That sounds awesome, Erik! I’m glad you got to do this and had a good time.

  26. Thanks Erik for the interview you gave us. I like Tomato and Pea.

  27. I haven’t tell Ms. Joanna that I am talking to you

  28. Now that is a lovely photograph, Erik. We should have done something like this when I did my skype interview with you. Now I’m positively envious. How great that you have a Skype author interview! You should publish your next book soonest!

  29. Hi erick i want you to send me your first book of tomato and pea

  30. Hi erick i want you to send me your first book and if you finish the second part of the book please ( if you finish😉😉)

  31. Hi erick i want you to send me your first and second book please(if you have already finish the second part😉)

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