Project X-Calibur by Greg Pace

Two things before I get to my review today.

First – today is Autism Awareness Day! I’ve turned my blog blue to bring awareness to Autism and ask that you talk to kids you know about it and help them understand it! Click on the picture below to find out how to help!

autismSecond – Felicia (A.K.A. Neighbor Girl of Stanley and Katrina fame) and I will be interviewing Rick Riordan live tomorrow (April 3rd) at 330 EDT on Huffpost Live’s “Tell Me Why” segment. The Tell Me Why program has kids asking professionals in different fields about their passions. Our passion is reading and writing. I am very excited and honored to be chosen to be on the segment (and, to tell the truth, super nervous). You can click on the graphic to go to the event and you may or may not see me there depending on if I pass-out due to nervousness or not. πŸ˜‰ KIDS – ask your parents first before clicking over to the Huffpost Live site!


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caliburProject X-Calibur

by Greg Pace

256 pages – ages 9+
Published by Putnam Juvenile on October 31, 2013

Synopsis –Β It took some convincing to get Ben Stone to believe that this odd little kid in front of him was Merlin, THEΒ  Merlin. It turns out that the 1000-year-old wizard really was in the form of an 8-year-old boy. If that’s not weird enough, Merlin tells Ben that aliens are about to attack and conquer Earth, and that Merlin is here to recruit Ben to be part of the super secret group – The Round Table Reboot. Merlin needs Ben to fly X-Calibur (X-Calibur being a high-tech space ship not the sword, but the sword DOES exist) to fight off the aliens. X-Calibur runs best in the hands of kids. Merlin and Percival Pellinore (who is immortal because he drank from the Holy Grail back in King Arthur’s day) are forming a new group of knights (who happen to be kids) to face an even bigger danger!

What I thought – Think of King Arthur meets Science Fiction and ends up in your back yard. WOW. I am a fan of the King Arthur legends and I thought this modern story idea was cool. I get nervous when people rewrite stories I love, but Mr. Pace put an awesome slant on this story! I love how there is no magic in the book – it’s all done with electronics and technology. Ben is a great main character. He’s a typical kid who has a kind of rough life so you end up rooting for him and liking him. The other kid characters that get recruited are also enjoyable to read about. They all have very different personalities. Mr. Pace writes incredible action scenes that kept me turning the pages. I’d love to see another book in this series.

Five out of five bookworms for Project X-Calibur. fivebooks

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  1. Good, I’m not the only one who is nervous! πŸ™‚

  2. I’m so excited for you! You get to interview Rick Riordan! Have fun and don’t be too nervous, you’ll do great! πŸ™‚

  3. !!!!!! Have fun with the interview. So excited for you.

  4. You certainly are popping up everywhere now. You aren’t even old eough to have a resume, but you’ve certainly done enough things to write one. I’d keep a list, because this will all show who you are when you apply for college. You’ll do great with the interview.

    Ha, we both chose the same symbol for Autism Day — I was looking for something more generic. Love te blue.

    And, the book really does sound interesting. Who needs magic when you have technology that mimicks and may be better than magic? Ha! Great review.

    • It seems like a lot of good opportunities came to me. That is a good idea to write a list Mrs. Tilton. I think I will start one! πŸ™‚ I grabbed the Autism Day symbol off of the website.
      I like that the technology is all they need! πŸ™‚

  5. What a cool deal! An interview with Mr Riordan!! You are too awesome! I’ll have to try and listen. And the book sounds pretty cool too! Great review!

  6. I love that you turned your blog blue for Autism Awareness Day.
    Project X-Calibur sounds like a fun and adventurous read. Thanks for sharing. I think you and Felicia (Neighbor Girl) will do well. Enjoy it.
    ~Mrs. M./Cool Mom

  7. Mighty congratulations firstly, for being chosen to do the interview for Huff. Secondly, thanks you for always being aware of autism and doing your bit to remind others. Thirdly…super review. I think all boys are really wizards.

  8. I may miss a bit, but I’ll do my best to catch that interview! All the best!

  9. Wow, how awesome that you get to interview Rick Riordan! Woot! You’ll do fine. No passing out allowed!

    I think it’s mighty fine of you to change your blog’s color to blue in honor of Autism Awareness Day. I sure hope medical science makes some breakthroughs soon to help autism. I just can’t believe how many are affected by it.

    Great review. I love the twist on King Arthur. “The Round Table Reboot!” Ha! I love it!

  10. I watched the show, and I must say that you and Felicia acquitted yourselves very well. I would have been unable to open my mouth!

    Nice review, also, of Mr. Pace’s book. I plan to review it soon on my blog, Middle Grade Mafioso (

  11. Just saw you on HuffPost with Rick Riordan. You did great. This book sounds so odd, mixing up King Arthur with technology, that I bet it works. You have been coming up with the most interesting books–and showing up all over the place. Wow! πŸ™‚

  12. Erik, thank you for your awesome review of Project X-Calibur!.As a writer, there’s no bigger thrill than having a reader enjoy something I’ve written. You have a great blog here. Thanks again!

  13. I’m with you on the apprehension over rewrites ’cause they’re usually disappointing : / And I still smile when I think about yours and Felicia’s terrific interview with Rick Riordan on HuffPost Live πŸ˜€

  14. I watched the interview! You are so lucky. I am getting to interview lots of authors at my local bookstore! Just got back from interviewing Brandon Mull πŸ™‚ Project X-Calibur sounds like an awesome book! I will read it soon-Mr. Pace sent me a copy. Can’t wait!

  15. An actual interview with THE Rick Riordan himself. I am sure you were a natural, Erik. That must have been a whole LOT of fun and awesomeness.

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