Poetry Picks For April – National Poetry Month!

April is National Poetry Month and I have great choices for kids!

depotPoem Depot: Aisles of Smiles
Written and illustrated by  Douglas Florian
160 pages – ages 9+
Published by Dial on February 20, 2014

Summary – Taken from the back of the book

Load up on laughs in this one-stop poetry shop!

Th s po m is mis ing le ters.
It’s mis ing q ite a f w.
Wh re did th y go
I do n t kno.
I do n t kno.
Do y u?

 What I thought – I love poetry books like this one. Short funny poems that make you smile. I think books like Poem Depot are a great way to get kids to read and think about poetry. The poems are short, fun to read and they all have nice black and white illustrations to go with them. Topics of the poem is anything and everything – from Spacemen to Mermaids – Broccoli to Cereal and beyond! Fans of Jack Prelutsky and Shel Silverstein (like me) will love this book. I like how there is an index to the poems in the back and also an index of first lines – very nice touch.

To learn more about Mr. Florian, please visit his website by clicking HERE.

Five out of five bookworms for Poem Depot! fivebooks

Now some sophisticated poetry.  Nothing says poetry to a kid like me more than farts…

Judd Goobey: Less Artsy More Fartsy
By M. Tompson Lane
Illustrated by Paige Lane
78 pages – ages 9+
Published by eBookPartnership.com on October 18, 2013

Summary – Taken from the Amazon description –

Many poetry books promise cutesy, eloquent wit and charm. This is not one of those books. This is Judd Goobey.

Packed with thirty disgustingly hilarious poems and deftly uproarious illustrations, Judd Goobey: Less Artsy More Fartsy explores the rich and universal culture of childhood in its purest and funniest form.

What I thought – BWAHAHAHAHA!!! 😀

First I love how the book is divided into “Gross, Grosser and Grossest” sections. The poems are just that! If you have a kids who loves booger and fart jokes – get them into poetry with this book. The book is written and illustrated by a father and daughter team. The illustrations go along with the poems very well (many make the poems even more gross). There is nothing offensive or any bad language in any of the poems – they’re just gross. Okay a few of the poems really grossed me out – but that’s what it’s supposed to do. 🙂

Please visit the book’s official website by clicking HERE.

Four out of five bookworms for Judd Goobey! fourbooks

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  1. Two great choices I didn’t know about. Yay. I love being introduced to more poetry!

  2. I MUST see Poem Depot ASAP. 🙂

  3. Love Mr. Florian’s work – and the cover art is brilliant!

  4. Douglas Florian’s poems are terrific. Judd Goobey can chalk one more up, bwahahahaha. 🙂 actually good choices. I have the Judd Goobey, but must look into Poem Depot.

  5. You know how much I love poetry especially poetry for kids,,,these look like best sellers!

  6. That Judd Goobey sounds really funny. Hahahahaha. Mr. Florian’s poetry is totally super de duper. His books are all excellent. Great that you reviewed one here, my donut eating pal. I was reading your accelerated reading points. Checking up on ya. 🙂

  7. You certainly picked a couple of very kid-friendly-looking poetry books, Erik! I think you could get any kid hooked on poetry with these 🙂

  8. I love that p em w th mis ing lett rs, and I’m sure the ebook with gross poems will be a huge hit with many kids! Poetry should be fun. Like you, I’m a Silverstein fan. My 10-year-old student bursts into cackles whenever we read his ‘Where the Sidewalk Ends.’ Great recommendations here, Erik.

  9. Douglas Florian! My favorite poet! What a treat, Erik! And I am a secret fan of potty humour, Once Upon a Toilet 😉

  10. LOL! My kind of poetry. Very funny and clever.

  11. Hah! A fartsy book in verse – how can you possibly go wrong with that?!

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