Creative Kid Thursday! Meet Kid Author Sophie Quay-Clark!

Today’s Creative Kid I have to tell you about is a kid author who has self-published not one but two books! She wrote her first book at age 7!

Meet Sophie Quay-Clark!


bloglogoHi Sophie, please tell us a little bit about yourself.

photo(1)My name is Sophie and I am 9 years old. I live in Berkshire in England with my little brother, my mum, dad and my three cats!
I love playing Minecraft; I play on a server with my friends and also by myself. I belong to our local triathlon club and I train a few times a week and compete in junior triathlons. I also play the viola and I compete in local running races. I love cats and most cute animals. I enjoy basic computer programming like Scratch and Python. I’m trying to teach myself some Latin at the moment. I also love to write and I have now written two books. I started learning to read at 18 months of age; Mummy was a bit shocked. By 2.5yrs old I was reading easy chapter books like ‘Rainbow Magic Fairies’. I liked typing and wrote my first short sentence just before I was 2 years old, I then just carried on writing!



bloglogoI’ve read both of your books and was very interested in your stories! FireFall is a school for dragons where they learn how to do dragon things like fly and growl, but they also learn how to be dragon warriors. I thought this was a very unique idea! I assumed dragons already knew how to do these things. How did you get the idea for FireFall?

photo(1)I wrote the first Firefall when I was 7 years old, I had just read all the Harry Potter books, all the Last Dragon Chronicle books by Chris d’Lacey and every Warrior Cat book written at the time! I joined all the books together and came up with Firefall. I like reading lots of different types of books so I used some ideas from them.

bloglogoIt is true that the more you read, the better writer you become! I really like all the different kind of dragons you write about in your book (ice dragons, bloom dragons, rainbow dragons, air dragon, etc.) and all the different abilities they have. Which one is your favorite type of dragon?firefall

photo(1)I really like the Rainbow Dragons as their colours are the best. My favourite character is Flash as she is completely crazy and mad, she was a lot of fun to write about as she is really silly and kept doing daft things. I got the idea for the different types of dragons from one of my favourite game apps.

bloglogoFlash is a very fun character, I liked how she was constantly getting into trouble! The dragons seem to like Pumpermelons. What do they taste like?

photo(1)The taste of a pumpermelon is a mixture of melon, pumpkin and carrot. They are bright red, mixed with dark orange flecks. The inside is white and has a spongy texture. They are quite large, almost as big as a beach ball.

bloglogoSounds yummy! 🙂 When do you take time to write? Do you have to think about a story before you write it or does it come out as you are writing?

photo(1)With the two Firefall books, I had to plan them in detail. I wanted to write the books during NaNoWriMo. I wrote the books mainly in bed or in the car coming home from school. I tend to plan a week before I start NaNoWriMo. The second Firefall book was 12,000 words and took just over 3 weeks of typing. I then had to re-read it and correct my mistakes…then I let Mummy read it. I write lots of other stories when I feel like it, mostly in the car on my iPod using Pages.


bloglogoThe ending of your second book “Return to Firefall” leave us with quite a cliffhanger when we find out the final battle between the FireFall dragons and the evil HornClaw dragons isn’t really the FINAL battle! Are you currently writing another book in the series? How many books are you planning to write in the series?

photo(1)Yes, I have to finish the story off so I will write the final Firefall book during NaNoWriMo this year. I have some ideas of how to plan the story already but I will plan properly just before NaNoWriMo starts. My friends are wanting to know what happens to all the dragons!

bloglogoI can’t wait to read what happens! What do you want to be when you grow up?

photo(1)At the moment I want to be lots of different things. I’d love to work for Minecraft because I have so many different ideas for the game. I love animals so working as a Vet would be good, but then I might be a writer so I could write about animals.

Thank you, Sophie, for answering my questions!

Check out Spohie’s books on Amazon UK HERE!

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  1. Hello Sophie! What a marvellous thing to read and write so young! I think it’s great to earn Latin. So many of our English words come from the Latin root – as do French and Italian words. And isn’t it marvellous to know Erik from across the pond! I live in England too, so am very pleased to make your acquaintance!

  2. GO SOPHIE – I’ve just downloaded one of your books to read over the weekend – it looks great and I’m looking forward to it – Erik – looks like you’re getting more and more competition LOL 😀

  3. Wow, this is impressive! I’ve always had a soft spot for dragons so I’m definitely curious about Sophie’s books. Congrats on getting through NaNo and publishing your stories!

  4. Well done Sophie and Erik! It’s astounding to me how the Internet and computers have changed our lives. I can only wonder at how different my own life would have been growing up in this time. Nine years old and two stories published for the world to read and enjoy! Absolutely fantastic and I hope both of you continue to read and write stories you love.

  5. Sophie, congrads on being published and just the fact that you got through NaNo is saying something. It’s really lovely to meet you and read more about you! Go Minecraft! YEAH! I can’t wait to read your books. *waves to Erik*

  6. What a huge accomplishment, Sophie! Great interview, Erik!

  7. Nice work, E. Sophie is a real dynamo! You asked all the right question. I’d like to eat a big slice of pumpermelon. It sounds delicious!

    Love and licks,

  8. This is a great interview! Sophie, your books look amazing!

  9. Sophie sounds like another super kid to me.Her books sound fascinating. Thanks for interviewing her! Bets of luck with your books Sophie.

  10. Thanks for introducing us to another SuperKid, Erik! Sophie is quite remarkable! Great post!

  11. You know in Star Wars, they can jump to Light Speed? Well, I’m coming to find out some KIDS jump to Light Speed! lol To accomplish so much and talk and think the way you do, Sophie, at such a young age—-you have definitely accelerated to Light Speed! lol

    Erik, thanks for featuring Sophie! LOVE the cover, btw 😀 Beautiful!

    And now, fore being the good little commenter, could you pass the Pumpermelon, please? 😀

  12. Another stellar interview, Erik!! That little Sophie is quite the spitfire! Kind of like my Electra! Whew!! Those dragon books sound pretty cool. I’ll have to look for them! Thanks to you both for being such positive, upbeat kids!

  13. Firstly, many thanks to Erik for a fab set of questions; Sophie really enjoyed answering them. Secondly, huge thanks to those who have left comments, they really are encouraging and we’ve enjoyed reading them. Thank you!

  14. This is fabulous! Way to go Sophie! Love, your future artist-in-training your books, Catty <3

  15. Sophie looks so pretty. Keep on writing. Great pictures you shared here. A vet writer sounds awesome. Thank you for introducing us to Sophie, Erik!


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