Larry and Friends by Carla Torres and Nat Jasper

larryLarry and Friends

Carla Torres – Creator/Illustrator

Nat Jasper – Author

48 pages – ages 6+
Published by Tangerine Books 2014

Theme / Topic – immigration / diversity

Summary –

Larry, the American dog living in New York City, is having a birthday party. Living in New York gave Larry a chance to meet friends from all over the world. “Ringadingadong!” Which guest is at the door? Larry introduces the reader to all of his friends (like a Korean fox, an Indian elephant, and an Irish hare). We learn about the country they came from, their immigration stories and how they became friends with Larry. 

What I thought –

This was a very cool way of explaining immigration to younger kids. I like how it tells a bit about the culture the animals come from and also how they met Larry in America. Each page introduces us to a friend of Larry’s with a picture on one full page and the text on the next. The story is one that a young kid can’t read by themselves (the reading level is harder and some of the animals talk with an accent) but the story would make an awesome bedtime story or a way for parents and teachers to tell an immigration story or introduce kids to the countries represented in the book. There are footnotes on each page to explain language or phrases used on the page for the reader (for example what an African Djembe is or what “Xie xie” means in Chinese). Besides the informative and fun story, the illustrations are spectacular!




I could look at them all day! I thinks kids, parents, and teachers will enjoy this book!

 I give this book five out of five bookworms!fivebooks

To learn more about Ms. Torres and Larry and Friends, please visit Ms. Torres’ website HERE.

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  1. What a great book on immigration for young kids!! I love the illustrations!

  2. Those illustrations are super! Quite unique. Thanks for sharing!

  3. It looks lovely. My elder child is starting to understand the concept of countries, so this is probably ideal for him. 🙂

  4. What a great way to introduce the subject of immigration to children. Lovely book!

  5. I dig the illustrations!

  6. This looks magnificent, Erik. So interesting!

  7. The book sounds very interesting and the illustrations are very unique! Great review, SuperKid!

  8. Groovy! Love all the art you posted (you know I am a sucker for great visuals!)

  9. Parties are fun. I would wear my pink dress. I am American. I would get along with all the other critters at the party….as long as the cats don’t hide under cars and try to kill me.

    Love and licks,

  10. Now you are killing me. Was to have done this one weeks ago and got side-tracked. Nice review. Cool illustrations. I loved all the different cultures represented and how they got to America. More of an introduction to characters than an actual story, I thought, but hey, I should have thought that weeks ago. Darn me. One more for you. 😀

    • I love the illustrations in this book. It is an introduction to each character, but I think it kind of makes a story out of all the immigration stories. BOOYAH – one more for me – but don’t worry I’m posting one today (actually 2) that you beat me on! 🙂

  11. Yet another stellar review, Erik 🙂 And I agree—the illustrations look SO detailed, there’s a LOT to look at! 😀

  12. Wow! You are right about the illustrations ~ spectacular!

  13. Now this is my kind of book, Erik. Borderline surreal with wonderful themes. Have you read Shaun Tan’s The Arrival yet?

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