Papercutz Classics Illustrated – The Sea Wolf by Jack London

The-Sea-WolfPapercutz Classics Illustrated – The Sea Wolf
By Jack London
Adapted by Riff Reb’s
Series: Classics Illustrated Deluxe (Book 11)
144 pages – ages 12+
Published by Papercutz on April 1, 2014

Summary – In an unfortunate accident, the gentleman, Humphrey van Weyden, gets washed overboard while traveling on a ferry. The sailors of  the Ghost, a sea hunting ship, pull Humphrey from the sea. Humphrey believes that he is saved but the captain of the ship, Wolf Larsen forces Humphrey to be the new cabin-boy on his ship (one of his other crew members just died and he needed a replacement). Humphrey is held captive and forced into a hard and terrifying life at sea. When a castaway lady named Maud Brewster ends up on the boat, the two rely on each other and escape together. But, the Sea Wolf is still out there…


What I thought – WOW – this was a great story! I think the Papercutz Classics Illustrated series is a great way to get kids to read classics and see what awesome stories the classics have. The illustrations in this adaptation makes the reader totally involved in the story. You can feel the mood of the whole book from them – dark, creepy, cold…


The character Wolf Larsen is terrifying! I think he is now one of my top favorite literary villains. The description of the brutal life on the ship was vivid and the illustrations made it even more so. At 144 pages this is no comic book, it is a graphic novel and you get a great story. I have not read the original Sea Wolf. I have read Jack London’s White Fang and there is violence in Jack London books. The publisher rates this book as 8+ but I think because of the violence this book is good for kids 12+.  As I said I never read the full version of the book, so I can’t tell how close the adaptation is to the real thing. I can say that the story kept me reading. I read it straight through, no stops. I am sure, after reading this adaptation, I will pick up the full version of the book one day.

Four out of five bookworms for The Classics Illustrated  Sea Wolf!fourbooks

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  1. I have a PC-Classics version of Scrooge that I love. I will check this one out too! Thanks!

  2. I liked it on FB and can’t wait to learn more about ’em on their website. Sounds ULTRA cool and creepy. YaY Papercutz! YaY Erik! YaY donuts! (You know I had to add that last one.) School’s almost out. WOOHOOO!

    • YAY DONUTS!!! WOO! – Wait what were we talking about? – Oh yeah, Papercutz. They have a ton of great comics. I am a huge fan of comics and how they can get kids into reading. THanks Ms. Campbell! 🙂

  3. I haven’t gotten to this one yet, and now I am wondering if I should get it out and move it up. Wow, what a story. Oh, and one more for you. 🙁 I am surprised Papercutz would allow so much violence in their graphic novels, but they do like to reproduce the best, they never said anything about auditing. Really good review Erik. I might forget reviewing this and just reblog your review. Very nice. 🙂

    • I think they try to keep their Classic Illustrated line close to the original story – or at least the ones that I read both the comic and the original – I can say they do. I know from other Jack London books that he writes some pretty violent scene – so i guess PC is trying to keep close to the story. I’m glad you liked my review! 🙂

  4. I, myself, have never read this book (along with so many other classics *sigh*), but there is usually good reason books BECOME classics and from your reaction, I can see why! The illustrations look magnificent and it’s making me wish I had more time to read! Glad you’re hooked, Erik! 🙂 Great review 😀

  5. I love Jack London in general and The Sea Wolf in particular.

    And the illustrations in this version are extraordinary! I can’t wait until my son is old enough for this one.

  6. Now this earns a huge WOW from me. I love graphic novel adaptations of classics. I am hoping we have this in our library.

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