My Fingerpaint Masterpiece by Sherrill S. Cannon

fingerpaintMy Fingerpaint Masterpiece
by Sherrill S. Cannon
Illustrated by Kalpart
28 pages – ages 4 – 8 years
Paperback: 28 pages
Published by Strategic Book Publishing on January 31, 2014


A student makes a fingerpaint picture in school but doesn’t get it finished. The student takes it home but a gust of wind takes it away – Oh no! There is no name on the picture. It is lost forever! Imagine the student’s surprise when he/she sees it in an art gallery and it won first place in an art contest! The judges think this painting was made by a professional artist because it is a masterpiece!  When  the student tells everyone that he/she painted the picture, no one believes it. The student is confused that the judges won’t admit that it’s just a kid drawing (and not really that great – according to the student).

What I Thought – I love Ms. Cannon’s rhyme in the book. I can see why she’s won a bunch of awards for her other books. I also like that she purposely didn’t tell the reader who the student is, even though the student is the one narrating the story. It can be a boy or a girl. In fact Ms. Cannon has an author’s note section in the back of the book asking the reader who they think the student is. The illustrations in the book are nice and I really like the kid-art “fingerpaint masterpiece.” 🙂 The ending is open. It leaves the student asking “Why can’t they admit that they really don’t like my print one little bit?” I usually don’t like it when a book doesn’t tie everything up, but with this story, I like that you can take the story to  mean a couple of things. I think that it can mean “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” or that kids can create wonderful artwork or don’t follow what someone else is saying, just because they are an expert. I am not sure if this is what Ms. Cannon is going for, but that’s how I see it. 🙂

Five out of five bookworms for My Fingerpaint Masterpiece! fivebooks


NEWS FLASH! Ms. Cannon’s “My Fingerpaint Masterpiece” was just chosen one of the NABE Pinnacle Book Achievement Award Winners for Spring 2014! Congratulations! 🙂


Check out Sue Morris’ review of this book by clicking HERE!

Please check out Ms. Cannon’s other award-winning books at her website by clicking HERE. Including “Manner-Man.”

mannerTaken from a press-release – 

“Manner-Man” is the story of a superhero that helps children learn how to control bullies and see the true superhero within themselves. The five-star rated book has won six awards: the 2014 Reviewers Choice Winner, the Los Angeles Book Festival Winner, a London Book Fair H.M. , a Rebecca’s Reads H.M., a 2013 Readers’ Favorite Silver Medal and  NABE Pinnacle Achievement Award. In addition to fighting against bullying, Ms. Cannon supports CureJM, a foundation funding research to find a cure for Juvenile Myositis (JM). She donates 50% of the cost of all of her book sales through the Fundraiser at to the cause. Her award-winning book, “My Fingerpaint Masterpiece” includes in the illustrations Cassandra, a young teenager who suffers from JM, as well as Juvenile Arthritis, deafness is one ear, and who has also been bullied. However, Cassandra has not been deterred; she entered the National American Miss Texas Pageant and has been named a finalist. Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency (SBPRA) and author  Sherrill S. Cannon are combining their efforts along with to organize a similar fundraiser to help raise funds to put an end to this cruelty seen in today’s in children’s lives. I’m Bully Free has committed to sponsoring Cassandra in the pageant with some of the contributions from this new fundraiser, I’m Bully Free is an organization aimed at helping schools commit to a safe, secure, bully-free environment. Their services include coordinating events and activities that encompass the anti-bullying message and advocate for the funding for research and prevention of bullying.”

Follow Ms. Cannon on Twitter HERE.

Check out a review by Sue Morris of Kid Lit Reviews HERE!


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  1. Ooh, I like this concept — a sly dig at the self-importance of contemporary art.

  2. Sounds like a book to be read in art class too. I know I am not alone in seeing brilliance in kid’s art. Great art is not all about skill.

  3. How wonderful, Erik. I’m always joking that kids could have their art up in a modern collection, they are so similar. And the Mannersman sounds great too.

  4. Reblogged this on Sherrill S. Cannon's Blog and commented:
    Awesome review from an awesome reviewer!!

  5. Nice review Erik. I like your possible conclusions especially that kids art can be just as good–or better–than adults and the beauty, the judging, is in the eye of the beholder.

    Josie’s art is a great example. Her art is fantastic. I would put it on my wall and treasure it, yet she is not an adult artist. Josie’s octopus is amazing. What does age have to do with this anyway? I bet I am not the only one who thinks Josie is that good. Very good. Erik, thanks for the shout-out and the link. 🙂

  6. Erik, when I first saw this book on Sue’s site, I loved it so much, it went on my B&N Wish List 🙂 Now, through you, I got to see the trailer which adds icing on that “fingerpaint cake” :). The books look wonderful, and I can’t say how much I LOVE seeing a title like MANNER MAN! It’s so important and it’s the most obvious how important when you come across those who lack manners, for sure. Nice review, Zor 😉


  1. This Kid Reviews Books gives 5-Star Review to My Fingerpaint Masterpiece! | Sherrill S. Cannon Author Blog
  2. This Kid Reviews Books gives 5-Star Review to My Fingerpaint Masterpiece! | Sherrill S. Cannon's Blog

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