Book Review! Lobo Visits the Barnyard or Lobo visita la granja by C.L. Murphy

lobobarnLobo Visits the Barnyard [or Lobo visita la granja]

Written and illustrated by C.L. Murphy

Interactive ebook available on iTunes

21 pages – ages 4+

Published on Feb 01, 2013 by Peanut Butter Prose

Summary: Lovable Lobo is no ordinary wolf-pup! Lobo the lovable wolf-pup has been invited by his friend Lulubell the cow to visit the barnyard and see all the animals. Lobo goes around, pretending to be the animals he comes by. He slops in the mud with the pigs, and he swims in the pond and quacks like a duck. He startles the horse he was riding when asked if he was hungry, he replied that he could “eat a horse”. The barnyard animals are quite sure what to make of a friendly wolf pup. Still, no matter his actions, Lobo still wins over the hearts of the animals at the barnyard.

What I thought: Hoorah Hoorah! My dad won an ipad from his work so I can now review interactive ipad books! This is a great one! It is very well done with big bright illustrations and lots of action. I also like that the book is interactive – you can click on a semi-transparent animal track (they are scattered throughout the book) and listen to the sound the animal makes. That is great fun for little kids. The illustrations (also done by Ms. Murphy) are very cute and add a lot to the action of the story. I love that Lobo really doesn’t think about being a wolf and that the animals may be a bit scared of him. Lobo just is his lovable self and the other animals accept him. That’s a nice message.

This is the second book in the lovable Lobo series. One of the reasons I wanted to review this book is that it also comes in a Spanish version, “Lobo visita la granja.”


For my next Upper Bucks Free Press newspaper column I am writing a story about the benefits of getting the same books in multiple languages to help kids be exposed to and learn other languages. This book is a great example of that and I’ll be using it in my article.

I give this book 5 out of 5 bookworms!fivebooks

Find the Adventures of Lovable Lobo on iTunes HERE.

To learn more about Ms. Murphy and her other books, please visit her website HERE.

Follow Lovable Lobo on Twitter HERE and on Facebook HERE.

Check out the trailer!


As a personal note, I think Ms. Murphy is a great member of the kid-lit community. She is always there to support and cheer people on and she is very nice. I was very sad to read on the Lovable Lobo Facebook page that Lobo, the real Lovable Lobo, passed away on May 19th. He was over 14 years old and was a living example of how we shouldn’t judge others. You can read about him HERE.

I’d ask everyone to give a howl at the moon tonight in remembrance of Lobo.


* Howling at the Moon * by Parée Creative Commons Licence Click image to go to Flikr page


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  1. Hey! It’s LOVABLE LOBO! 😀 Just how cute does that bunch look with their heads poppin’ out of the barn door? 😀 Yay for you and Dad about the ipad, Erik 🙂

    OK, and now that I just read the beautiful memorial post to the real Lovable Lobo…so sorry… 🙁

  2. Oh, Superkid! Your review is wonderful. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart about mentioning Lobo’s passing and the remembrance howl. So very sweet. It means a bunch to me. 🙂

  3. Reblogged this on ♥Lobo's Follies♥ and commented:
    If you don’t know about SuperKid Erik, you should! See what he has to say!

  4. Yay Lovable Lobo! Sorry to hear the real one passed away. I am super impressed by interactive apps and Ms. Murphy is awesome at illustrations. I need to win an iPad. I’ve already got a Windows notebook thing. It’s like a laptop. Thanks, Erik!

  5. Really enjoyed the review. What an entertaining book. So sorry that the real Lobo passed away recentely. I love the book trailer. Love your suggestion remembering him with a howl.

  6. Great review Erik. Interactive kindles (or equivalent) is the way things are going. I am amazed at how young children are who have ipads and hones!

  7. I love these books but am saddened to hear that the real Loveable Lobo is no longer with us.

  8. Hi, Erik!
    You are correct, Cathy is a super cheerleader for all things kid lit! We were also sad to hear about her loss. We’ll howl to the moon, tonight.
    We loved “Lobo’s Howliday,” and can imagine this would be just as fabulous and I love that you are sharing it in your Upper Bucks Press article.

  9. I’m sad to hear about Lobo. I’m glad that he will carry on in more books. I’ll be out howling for him tonight. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Junko Yokota gave a very detailed presentation at the AFCC about e-books and iBooks and book apps – I suddenly realized how much I am missing out. 🙂

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