Another Day as Emily by Eileen Spinelli

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anotheremilyAnother Day as Emily

by Eileen Spinelli

Illustrated by Joanne Lew-Vriethoff

240 pages – ages 8+

Published by Knopf Books for Young Readers on May 13, 2014

Summary- Suzy Quinn has had enough. Ever since her younger brother, Parker, got called a “hero” in the news (for calling 911 when a neighbor had “a spell”), Suzy has felt unimportant. She and her best friend, Allison, have totally different personalities. Things get even worse when Allison gets a party in a play that they both try out for, but Suzy doesn’t. Suzy feels like she is “nothing.” While taking summer classes with a theme of “The 1800s” at the local library, Suzy chooses Emily Dickinson for a report. After reading about Emily, Suzy thinks that she and Emily have a lot in common. So, she decides to live her life as Emily Dickinson did – to the exact. She changes her name to Emily Dickinson, changes her goldfish’s name from Ottilie to Carlo (Emily Dickinson’s dog), cooks, sews, and writes poems. Suzy Emily even becomes a recluse, not seeing anyone – not even her friends. But does she really want to spend another day as Emily or face all the things bothering her in her life?

What I Thought- This was another great novel-in-verse from Eileen Spinelli. The verse is in a style that I think makes the story read like a diary or journal.  I like how Mrs. Spinelli writes the story so you can really understand how Suzy/Emily feels about the stuff going on in her life. I think Suzy/Emily went a bit over-the-top in handling her problems, but at least it was inventive! 😉 The problems Suzy is having is pretty much what a lot of middle school aged kids have and I think it makes the characters more realistic. I thought it was cool to learn a bit about Emily Dickinson too from the story. I’ve heard of her and read some of her poetry, but this story taught me about Emily Dickinson as a person. It was a quick read for me, but the story felt complete when I was done. I think this book is terrific for young advanced readers and middle-grade readers will enjoy reading about characters that are a lot like them.  There are random black and white, small illustrations scattered in the book by Ms. Lew-Vriethoff. They are a nice addition to  the story.

Five out of five bookworms for “Another Day As Emily”!fivebooks

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  1. What a great coincidence, Erik! I just finished reading this book last week. And I really loved it too. I actually forgot I was reading verse because I got so caught up in the story. Suzy seemed very real to me.

  2. I really like stories in verse. This one sounds like a winner.

  3. I like the sound of this, Erik. I’ve often wondered how it’d be like to live like Emily Dickinson. I’m going to check it out today. Hope there’s a copy available at my library!

  4. Excited to hear about this one — love reading about Emily and I love Ms. Spinelli’s work. Thanks for the nice review.

  5. Love books in verse. And I like the journal style as it adds some intimacy to the story. Sounds like another great story by Eileen!

  6. What a clever idea. I think many of us would like to be Emily Dickinson sometimes. Kids will identify with Suzy and learn about an important historical person at the same time.

  7. What an interesting idea. I would love to read this. Nice review, Erik. Now what writer would you want to be for a day? 🙂

  8. I love stories in verse. It’s very hard to write a whole story in verse, and this sounds as though it is really tackling a common problem of self-worth. Great review Erik!

  9. Carlo?? What kind of a name is that for a dog? Or a fish? What about …um….let’s see…. CUPCAKE! Duh.

    Love and licks,

  10. You know, so far, I’ve never been able to “take” to novels written in verse. Not sure why! From other comments, along with your review, maybe this is one that might get me past that? We’ll see! Thanks, Erik 🙂 And, btw, if BLUEROSE reads this—thank you, too 🙂

  11. I wanted to add that I love illustrating this book for Eileen. I enjoyed reading her stories which made it that fun more fun to do.

  12. I’ve never read a novel in verse, so now I’m curious.

  13. Love it! (I’ve got to tell my friend, author SUSAN Kaye QUINN, about this one, lol!)

  14. I didn’t realize that this novel-in-verse was by Spinelli – I love her stories! This is definitely a title that I would be avidly looking out for next time I visit the library. I love the freedom depicted in that book cover. Wind blowing in one’s hair.

  15. CONGRATS to Christopher Healy on being a Kirkus Review 2014 Nominee! 😀

    https ://ww w.kirkusre views. com/prize/nomine es/young-readers/?page=5&sort=pu blished&avai lability=available& stars=na (remove spaces in link)

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