Perfect Picture Book Friday! ABC, Adoption & Me by Gayle H. Swift

WOO HOO! Today is not only my last day of sixth grade, it is also the 100th posting of PERFECT PICTURE BOOK FRIDAY! YAY! (although, technically, we aren’t celebrating until next week, because Ms. Hill (the creator) is giving a talk on writing and is extremely busy. 🙂 )

Let’s celebrate – I brought donuts!


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PLUS! I get to announce the MARVELOUS MS. MORRIS of Kid Lit Reviews won my  giveaway copy of Chengdu! WOO!


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Susanna Leonard Hill has a feature on her blog called Perfect Picture Book Friday. It is a list of “perfect” picture books recommended by all sorts of people. I chose this book because I think this is a great book on adoption that is very easy for kids to understand.

abcABC, Adoption & Me — a Multi-cultural Picture Book for Adoptive Families
By Gayle H. Swift with Casey Anne Swift
Illustrated by Paul Griffin
36 pages – ages 4+
Published by WRB Publishing on July 1, 2013

Theme/Topic- Adoption

Genre- Non-fiction

Opening and Synopsis-

A is for adoption. Some families come together through adoption, mine did.”

Summary taken from amazon description – “ABC, Adoption & Me, explores adoption from the child’s point of view. It celebrates the blessing of family and addresses the difficult issues as well. With exuberant illustrations and a diverse representation of families, ABC, Adoption & Me deepens the understanding of what it means to be an adoptive family. It provides talking points that bring families closer, and presents adoption as a safe topic. Kids report that ABC, Adoption & Me expresses their complicated feelings in a way that makes them feel normal and which makes it easy for them to discuss with their families. “Most adoption books only talk about the good part of adoption. ABC shows adoption from the kid’s side.”

Why I liked this book- First of all (for those who don’t know) I am adopted and so I like it when I see an adoption book done really well. I really like that the book shows the huge diversity in adoptive families. It also covers all kinds of questions, issues and happy things too. Being adopted myself, some of the issues I could relate to (like “R is for real. My birth parents and my adoptive parents are all real.” I personally don’t like it when someone asks who my “real” parents are. Last time I got grounded my parents really felt real to me. 😉 ) while others I haven’t had experience with, but I am sure other kids/families have. The book also gives respect to birth parents which is a nice addition. The book is written in a way that makes it easy for kids to understand. I think it is a great book for families to read together.

Activities and Resources-

I didn’t have to go far for a resource, there is a parent guide right in the front of the book. It gives helpful advice for parents about how to talk to their kids about being adopted.  has a huge list of teacher resources listed HERE for having lesson plans when you have adopted kids in class.

You can follow Gayle Swift on Twitter HERE.

Like the ABC Adoption & Me Facebook page HERE.

To find more Perfect Picture Books please visit Susanna Hill’s blog HERE!

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  1. Erik, Thanks for reviewing our book. I’m glad you found value in it!

  2. This sounds like a really great addition to the PPBF lineup. I didn’t know you were adopted. Thanks for giving us your experienced opinion. I’ll add it to my library bag!

  3. Your experiences could be good for a book of your own. Ach, but you know that already! This sounds like a good one for the classroom too!

  4. This is a gem! I loved your review. Both my children are adopted, although they are grown. Would have loved to have these books when they were younger.

    By the way, Chengdu was among the 2014 Kirkus Prize nominations.

  5. A lovely review and what makes it even more special/valued is that the review is given by a child who is also adopted. A rare thing indeed and well done, Erik. Liked the part where you said all parents are real.
    Celebrating last day of sixth grade is just as good as 100th posting of PPBF…lol.

  6. Well, what an excellent review of a unique book. An interesting idea to create discussion about adoption with an ABC book! Very clever.

  7. Not only do I like the look of those celebratory donuts, I love the look of this important book about a very important subject. Great review, as ever, Erik.

  8. This DOES look like a great book – thanks for bringing it to our attention 🙂

  9. Erik, since you are adopted and say this is a great book, I believe you! My boyfriend was adopted, too, though his experience was not a “healthy” family situation. It makes me happy for YOU! 😀

  10. This is my second try. *grabs 5 donuts and sits down for the presentation* *nom* *nom* Hey Erik. Whatf upf? *brushes crumb off chin*

    I know a couple who adopted one year ago. (She just had her birthday) They plan on telling her when she’s 5. I’ll buy this book tomorrow. (Made an Amazon tab with the book ready to purchase because we both know how forgetful I am.) Hubby has the Amazon card. Doggone his hide!

    P.S. Your parents were TRULY blessed. 🙂 xoxo YaY NO SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our last day was LAST Friday. CHA CHA CHA!!!!!!!

  11. Thanks for the doughnuts. They were yummy! Thanks also for the great review of this special book.

  12. Hi Erik, normally I don’t go for picturebooks that seem to be heavy-handed when it comes to dealing with big themes, but you make this one sound appealing. Will check it out.

  13. Wow, you “just knew” you were adopted. That amazes me. I’d love to ask what gave it away, but not on a comment. I’m glad you are happy. If you say this is a great book about adoption, I believe you. How fortunate for the author to have an adopted kid review – and like – her book. My nephew was adopted, not sure when he found out, but it may have been early on, he was such a brat. Love your PPBF’s. 🙂

    • I don’t mind talking about it! 🙂 My parents never officially told me – I just always knew – just like they never officially told me I am a boy – I just know. Being an adopted kid is just who I am, just like I have brown hair. My birth parents and adoption story are in my baby book. My family tree has my birth parents as the roots – but my parents are my parents. It is just who I am. I never knew anything different. 🙂
      Josie can be a brat sometimes but I don’t think it has to do with being adopted. 😉

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