All Hallows Eve is BACK with 2 New Episodes!

Last night I was at a Twitter party to kick off the Wigu books summer reading program (click HERE to learn more or on the banner on my sidebar). One of the questions was does comics counts as reading – to which I replied –

  ! Of course they do! Comics ROCK!

I have two fun comic-type stories to tell you about. I am a fan of David Eveleigh’s All Hallows Eve stories. The books aren’t comics (although the very-cool covers look like they are) they are novellas that have a great comic feel to them. I really like the Eve character in the books. She’s a great superhero. The stories are action-packed and fun.

BEHOLD the latest from this cool series!!!

covenscurseAll Hallows Eve #8: The Coven’s Curse

By David Eveleigh

Words: 14,780 – ages 9+

Published on Smashwords on March 02, 2014


Eve Halloran (AKA All Hallows Eve) was scared. She had a nightmare where four of the people she loved most had been poisoned, and she only had an antidote for one. And, when she woke up, her beloved cat, Scorpio, had died. In her dream, it sounded like all of her mom’s (her mom was a superhero before Eve, calling herself “The Teen Trickster”) old enemies had gotten together – Hexia, Zodiak, Judge Mental, Sister Hood, Madam Fang, and Über Alice. The next time Eve went to sleep, she and her mother (as The Teen Trickster) started one of the biggest (and craziest) battles that All Hallows Eve has fought in.


horrorinlibraryAll Hallows Eve #9: Horror in the Library

By David Eveleigh

Words: 11,510 – ages 9+

Published on Smashwords on June 03, 2014

When Eve, eating lunch in the school library with friends, walking through the aisles, she somehow teleports inside Dracula by Bram Stoker (the book she decided to do for a book report), for a few minutes. Eve realizes that something fishy is up. She had barely gotten out of the book alive – she was face-to-face with Dracula after all! It turns out to be a magical book that is causing the trouble. A book, that, as its title says, eats people. But how can Eve stop it? How do you stop an evil book when it can spout out villains from stories and they all want to get Eve!


First of all, I really love this series. Mr. Eveleigh writes comic action very well. I think that he gets into the mind of his character, Eve, magnificently. In these two books, there are two very awesome plot ideas – a book that lets you actually enter a story (at a price), and a super-battle in Dreamland. I like how Mr. Eveleigh heads each chapter with a small, comic image (remember these are novellas, not comics). The images are all really cool and a nice addition! All the All Hallows Eve books are appropriate for middle-school and young advanced readers. Because they are novellas, they are a great choice for some fun summer-time reading.   I love Mr. Eveleigh’s comic art and how his writing is totally action-packed. I really like how Mr. Eveleigh always fits in a message for his books. There are messages in these, too. For example, in “Horror in the Library”, the message is that “knowledge is power, and power tends to bring out the worst in us”. In “The Coven’s Curse”, it is “[T]hings are rarely as they seem”. I can’t wait for All Hallows Eve #10!

I give these books 5 out of 5 bookworms!fivebooks

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  1. I do like the idea of having a battle in dreamland.

  2. Love the clever names: Judge Mental, Sister Hood. Sounds like a fun read.

  3. Thank you once again for such wonderful reviews, Erik 🙂

  4. Very clever lead in, and great review, SuperKid!

  5. It’s the first time I’m hearing of All Hallows Eve. Definitely worth checking out. I hope we have copies in our library.

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