Alice Parker & The Curse of Fate (Book #5) By Nicola Palmer

alice5Alice Parker & The Curse of Fate (Book #5)

By Nicola Palmer

131 pages – ages 9+

Published by Kallisto on March 26, 2014

Alice Parker and her family of Finwips (Fully Integrated Winged People) are back! The Finwips are a society of people with wings, or some other attribute, like pointy ears (but mostly they have wings), that are hidden from normal people. The Finwips have underground villages to visit but a lot of them live among normal people. The Finwips have enemies – evil Finwips called Sinwips. Isabella Rowbottom, is a Sinwip. She stole and read a book foretelling Alice’s life (the book was written by Alice’s Great-Aunt who could see into the future). Isabella didn’t like what she read. Something happens in the future (Alice doesn’t know what it is) that involves Alice and Isabella, and Isabella decides she must eliminate Alice, and her family too. Isabella continued her assassination attempts on the Parkers (Alice, her brother Thomas, their parents and grandparents) so relentlessly that  Alice, Thomas, and their grandmother are going to Berlin to visit her grandmother’s sister for a bit, to get away from Isabella. Sadly, Isabella was going to Berlin too, for personal reasons (not related to the Parkers), and she saw the Parkers on the same plane as her! She follows the Parkers, and continues to try to dispose of them (while trying to make it look like an accident, of course). Can Alice ever get rid of this atrocious assassin?

This is a wonderful, new installment of the Alice Parker series (see my reviews of book one HERE, book two HERE, book 3 HERE (scroll down on the post), and book 4 HERE). It’s an indie published series, and it is everything that is good about independently published books. In the newest book in the series, a lot of the questions from the earlier books get explained, and explained very well.  Alice is a great character, and she is a totally believable 15-year-old. Ms. Palmer is a great writer, and she kept me on the edge of my seat the entire book. I love how there is a bunch of character development in this story, but it didn’t slow it down! Ms. Palmer really knows how to keep a story moving and thrilling! I can’t wait for Book 6 (if there is one – I really hope that there is!)! 🙂

I give this book 5 out of 5 bookworms!fivebooks

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  1. Finwips…rather interesting concept and this sounds like a great series. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Finwips vs Siinwips what an interesting concept–all done within the normal population who are too blind to notice. Does anyone in the normal non-winged people population ever catch on? If not, that would make an interesting story. Nice review. I am amazed at how quickly you can read. 🙂

    • Well, besides Alice’s grandmother, (she’s married to a Finwip, but isn’t one) there is Alice’s best friend (who was there when Alice became a Finwip), and **SPOILER** Alice’s parents didn’t know until the end of Book 3. 🙂

  3. Sounds like an exciting series with strong female characters as well. It is not always easy to keep a series going so I applaud Nicola Palmer.

  4. Great review! But, man, so many books, so little time! I am amazed by your reviewing output. You, my friend, are a readin’ machine!

  5. Wow, Erik, what a glowing review! I, too, Mike, am always amazed at Erik’s (and Sue’s and others’) output when reviewing books DAILY! I just don’t know how all of you do it!

  6. I remember some of those. Finwip sort of sticks in the mind. I love this cover. My Divided Decade trilogy covers ares in silhouette, and the Ella Wood series will be, too. It’s striking.

  7. Great review, Erik!

  8. Berlin is one of my favourite cities in the world. Gritty and vibrant. 🙂

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