Book Review! Little Orchid’s Sea Monster Trouble by Claudine Gueh Yanting

littleorchLittle Orchid’s Sea Monster Trouble

By Claudine Gueh Yanting

98 pages (estimated – ebook reviewed) – ages 9+

Published by Carry Us Off Books on April 8, 2014

Little Orchid lives in 1960’s Singapore with her family. When Little Orchid and her sister are invited  to a wealthy classmate’s house for dinner, Little Orchid realizes that they are being served a giant cuttlefish – a special animal from the sea. They brought the mighty beast in, still alive, to be prepared. Little Orchid felt a connection with the cuttlefish when she made eye-contact with it, and feels sorry that she could not help it at all. Little Orchid tried to not eat the dishes with cuttlefish – and she was doing pretty good at that – until the hosts plopped a piece of cuttlefish on  her plate. It would have been disrespectful not to eat it! While everyone is watching, Little Orchid chokes down the piece of cuttlefish. A few minutes later, she throws up. Little Orchid and her sister quickly leave the premises. The next morning, Little Orchid wakes up to find herself covered in boils and rashes. When Little Orchid finds herself stretching out, elongating, she realizes that she is turning into the giant cuttlefish. She doesn’t know why, but she is. Her family will despise her. She quickly crawls to the nearby sea, and enters it without telling anyone. She begins her new life as a sea monster, wondering if she’ll ever see her family again.

This was an enjoyable story. I love the message I got out of it- if we take something special from the sea, the sea will take something special from us. I like that it takes place in Singapore during the 1960’s. It was nice to read a novel set in a place I usually don’t read about. Little Orchid is a good main character who thinks that everywhere she goes, she brings trouble. You really care for her, and you cheer her on until the last page.  Ms. Gueh has a wonderful writing style, and it makes you feel like Little Orchid is talking to you. I enjoyed the voice of the story. I like how there are cool painting-like illustrations scattered throughout the book. This book would be great for reluctant readers, and young readers. For me, I would have liked for the story to be a bit more involved and give me more because I enjoyed the plot concept so much. It’s a good thing that I would like more.  Little Orchid earned a spot on my library shelf!

I give this book 4 out of 5 bookworms.fourbooks

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  1. Sweet review, and I nightmare I could relate to as a kid. My father is vegetarian, but my mother, out of fear for our health (times were different!), would not allow us to be, so I had some issues with meat…still do!

  2. Poor Little Orchid! Now I’m glad I didn’t eat the blueberry that Mom gave me. I don’t want to live my life as a blueberry!! Blue isn’t even my favorite color!

    Love and licks,

  3. I love the sound of this, Erik. I’ve had to eat things I’d rather not while living in France.

  4. Is cuttlefish the expensive fish used in Asia that could kill you when eaten? I am a picky eater, always have been. Made mpm made, but I am glad I was and still am. Couldn’t trun into a fish, I don’t swim very well. 🙁 Does sound like an interesting read.

  5. This cover kind of gives me the creeps somehow. But the story sounds kind of interesting. I sometimes dream of being a fish. Does the story talk about her life as a cuttlefish? Is she a happy cuttlefish or sad?

  6. This sounds like a difficult topis, but ne that should be addressed. A terrible dilemma for the little one. Great review.

  7. Glad you enjoyed this one. I love the way Claudine writes. 🙂 Wanting more is a good thing!

  8. I’m thrilled you’ve enjoyed the story setting, Little Orchid’s voice (how it was as if she was talking to you ~ this means a lot to me) and the paintings, Erik. Thank you for this review!

  9. This sounds like a very unique story. Great review, SuperKid!

  10. Seems like a great book to read by the beach.

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