Chase Tinker and the House of Destiny by Malia Ann Haberman

chase3Chase Tinker and the House of Destiny

by Malia Ann Haberman

211 pages – ages 8+
Published by Crossroad Press; Otherside Press Digital Edition edition  on May 27, 2014

Chase Tinker is back for a third adventure! When two Marlowes (the evil British family that is the arch-enemies of the Tinkers) show up at the Tinker House (a magical house that the Tinkers live in) with a message – Surrender or die. At the end of August, we are coming. – the Tinker family realize that they are out-numbered. They do the only thing that they can think of – go to the magical communities to ask for help. The team of Tinkers taken to see the communities are shocked – the leprechauns’ shillelaghs are useless sticks, and their rainbows are gray; the vampires are all tired and wimpy and lazy; the witches’ and wizards’ wands are just twigs, and they couldn’t make a potion to save their lives (which explains why they can’t save themselves) – all of their magic is gone! The Marlowes are stealing it!

Chase Tinker and the House of Destiny is the third book in the series. Read my review for book 1 HERE and for book 2 HERE. The third book in the series was great! Ms. Haberman knows how to keep you on the edge of your seat! This book is full of action and adventure! I loved the plot (and character) development in the book. It really revealed a lot about the characters. I think that Ms. Haberman has gotten into the minds of her characters really easy and realistically. The vampire section was pretty funny, as were using a “vicious” magical hugging plant as a “torture/interrogation” base. I do think that this book got a bit dark and somewhat depressing at times (especially the ending). At times I got “angry” at Chase for being so arrogant and stubborn, when if he had thought it through, he would’ve realized something (can’t tell you what 😉 ). I think this also shows how talented Ms. Haberman is as a writer and really getting the reader involved in the story and how well she gets into her characters’ minds. I can’t wait for book 4!

I give this book 4 out of 5 bookworms!fourbooks


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I am taking a couple of days off. We are going camping. 🙂 I will be back next week! How many books do you think I’ll read while I’m gone? 😉

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  1. Great review… hmmm… how many books? I guess that depends. Are they all chapter books? Picture books? A mix? I’ll assume they are mostly chapter books and I’ll guess 9. Have fun!

  2. Sounds like a very entertaining book for kids.

    As for books, only read one. You’ve supposed to be on vacation!

  3. Great review Erik. This sounds like a great Mg series.

  4. This sounds like a really fun series! Hmmmm…I’ll say 12. 🙂

  5. Greta review again. I will say you will read 8 books while camping. (That’s 7 more than I would be able to read but you are super kid. Have fun camping!

  6. Great review, Erik!

  7. I just LOVE trees and this is a REALLY goooooood one, so there’s no way I wouldn’t pick this book up off a shelf 🙂 Thanks, Erik!

  8. Oooh, I had never heard of Chase Tinker (new reader to your blog here), but now I may have to go grab books 1, 2, and 3. The premise of this books sounds fun and full of potential. Too old for my daughter, but I can always indulge in this kind of reading. 🙂

  9. I forgot to guess. Based on last year, I think you read nine. Your mom probably wanted you to DO more things so I’ll say 8 this year. Have fun!

  10. Going to the magical communities for help is probably a good move, as I suspect, they will tell you stuff you wouldn’t have thought of otherwise. When we are in a fix, sometimes doing the logical thing only leads us deeper into trouble…Magic, Yes! Magic, the unexpected, definitely opens up completely different possibilities.

  11. Just read one, Erik, please. 🙂 Have fun on your camping trip!

  12. Have you read The Night Gardener yet, Erik? Bits and pieces of what I’ve read from your review reminded me of that novel. One of my greatest reads this year.


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