Creative Kid Thursday! Guest Book Reviewer Josie!

Today on Creative Kid Thursday, I have a special guest for you, my little sister Josie! Josie reviewed a book that has to do with frogs being endangered. Jo really cares about this issue. She even made a frog pond at our house this year to help the frogs near us (see her blog post about it HERE).

vanishfrogThe vanishing frogs of Cascade Creek

(Ruthie’s wildlife Book 1) by Emma J. Homes

44 pages – ages 8+
Published by Spark Street Communications Pty Ltd on June 25, 2014


Description from Amazon:

The beautiful waterfall frogs of Cascade Creek have suddenly disappeared and Ruthie’s parents have been asked to help solve the mystery. So now it’s all aboard the big green bus, pet wombat and all, for a wildlife adventure in the rainforests of northern Australia.

Join ten-year-old Ruthie as she and her wildlife scientist parents, Tom and Kate, track down why the frogs have vanished from their home. Together with Ruthie’s younger brother Liam and sister Bel, and with a little help from the mischievous wombat, Womble, they are soon discovering clues to the puzzle.

What Josie thought: I liked that this was about saving frogs and it was kind of a mystery. I liked reading about how Ruthie and her family live. They travel around in their bus and go from place to place to help animals (and frogs 🙂 ). Ruthie and her brother and sister even do to school at their bus, not a regular school. I like that the story describes the science lab trailer where her parents do experiments to find out what’s wrong with the frogs. I never heard of a waterfall frog before. It is a real frog. I looked it up and learned more about them. I liked reading the book. I like that Ruthie is my age (ten 🙂 ). The book is a good chapter book and I thought the story was exciting! I would read the other stories in this series.

I give this book 5 out of 5 bookworms! fivebooks

Thanks Josie!

You can find out more about Ms. Holmes and her other books by visiting her website HERE.

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  1. Nice review, Josie! I’d never heard of waterfall frogs either. Cool book :).

  2. *waves a donut* Josie! You RAWK! I LOVE frogs too. So cool that you made the frog pond. Great book, super de duper review.

  3. Great review Josie. What a fun life for a child to travel and save wildlife. Love the science lab in the bus. Good for you for taking care of frogs and creating a frog pond in your yard. You have a big heart!

  4. Great review, Josie! This sounds like a fun book. Thanks for sharing your SuperSister, SuperKid! LOL

  5. I like a good mystery too, Josie. And if it’s about animals…all the better!

  6. I might have to read that book and I’m an adult, LOL. Great review, Josie. I can really tell that you love animals–and frogs. 🙂

  7. Excellent review, Josie 🙂 Thank you! And you know—I never heard of a waterfall frog before either! Thanks for telling us! 😀

  8. Great review Josie. Will you be competition for your brother soon?

  9. Nice review Josie. I have never heard of a waterfall frog. Good job checking on the facts. You are a great advocate for all species. The world needs young people like you. 🙂

  10. How lovely to hear from Josie. I hope she will do more reviews.

  11. Nice review, Josie! Glad to see how much you liked this book. 🙂

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