The Choice of Twilight by Tyler Wise

thechoiceThe Choice of Twilight

by Tyler Wise

288 pages – ages 12+

Published on March 17, 2014 (ebook)

Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

Summary – Ty’s first day of middle school was horrible. He was late to school, lost his schedule, got himself lost in the halls, was late for every single class and he got homework on his first day because of it! To make matters worse, Ty’s grandpa passed away the day before he started school. Months later, his life doesn’t seem to be getting any better, in fact it’s pretty bad. Ty’s 13th birthday comes and he gets a present from his late grandpa. It is a puppet that his grandpa made when Ty was born. That night when Ty goes to sleep he wakes up in a strange land ruled by a giant tyrannical skeleton. Apparently,  in this world, kids get help facing all the stuff they have to face growing up. Ty’s friend and ally in this strange world is a giant, living version of the puppet he got from his grandpa. But facing the big issues in his life is not something Ty thinks he’s ready for.

This was a great coming-of-age book! It was a very fun and adventurous venture into the land of imagination. I love Ty’s addiction to LEGOs (and the LEGO room) – he’s my kind of guy! Ty is altogether a great character. He’s pretty much what I am looking for in a main character. I must admit, I wasn’t that sure if I would like this book. The cover and title threw me off. I was expecting a dark, moody story (not my favorite kind). This was nothing like that. It was a cool adventure that, as a kid, I could totally relate to. Mr. Wise’s imaginary world was very creative and I think it’s a pretty unique idea. The imaginary world created by Mr. Wise was vivid and very cool to read about. I’d be happy to read more books by this author!

I give “The Choice of Twilight” 5 out of 5 bookworms!fivebooks

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  1. Might have to get one for another Lego addict! Scary-good cover!

  2. Gosh, this does look scary. Great review and yes I would probably pass on it too. Thanks for sharing Erik.

  3. I like coming of age books like this. The cover could have been a bit more inviting but glad you read it anyway. “You can’t always judge a book by its cover”

  4. I do not like the cover and would not have picked this on out. But . . . the story sounds amazing. Maybe the author should invest in a better cover. I love this: “venture into the land of imagination.” Very nice wording, Erik. 🙂

  5. Scary cover but the story sounds very creative! Great review, SuperKid!

  6. This sounds fabulous, Erik! I wish those skeletons were real. I still need one 😉

  7. Sounds like an intriguing story. I’m with you (and I guess most everybody else) on the cover. It’s a little creepy for me.

  8. Sounds a mix of creepy, fun and creative!

  9. Does sound intriguing, but a new cover would be a great investment.

  10. Hi, there everyone! The author here! I have to say, this is the first I have heard any negativity toward my cover and I apologize that it scares you! Believe it or not, this cover is actually cute compared to the first draft 😛 Thanks so much for the feedback, though! I will continue to get other’s opinions on the matter. Unfortunately, covers are expensive and I likely won’t be able to change it for a while. If I did, that would be a cover I could have used for a new book which, at this point, wouldn’t be a smart move. Money is tight!

    But, if you can overlook the cover’s creepiness, there really is a good story inside! Still a little bit on the creepy side but it has a heart to it.

    Thanks again for the review, Erik! It made me happier than you can ever know 🙂

  11. I also don’t particularly enjoy moody stories. Hehehe. Another interesting title you have here. Where do you get all these books?!

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