Review! The Time Smugglers by Rosie Morgan

timesmugThe Time Smugglers

Book 2 of The Camelot Inheritance Series

by Rosie Morgan

275 pages – ages 9+
Published by Liscarret Creations on July 17, 2014

Summary – Arthur Penhaligon, and his friends Gawain, Nick, and Tamar, are back in another great adventure!

Goodreads description:

It’s been a year since Arthur Penhaligon swapped his skateboard for a sword and became a reluctant, teenage hero – and a Guardian of Cornwall.
Twelve months since he and his friends found themselves among time-travelers and ancient knights.
Fifty-two weeks of wondering what would happen next. The waiting is almost over.
On Cornwall’s shores, old and new enemies are gathering, more deadly and more powerful than the four Guardians could ever imagine.
Memories will live and the Time Keeper will be named. There will be bloody battles, death will finally claim its prize and a tiny green dragon will make its mark

What I thought – Rosie Morgan has written another great book in the Camelot Inheritance series! The series mixes modern characters with characters right out of the Arthurian legends. It is not simply a re-telling of the legends of King Arthur. I think Arthur and his friends are great characters, and people you want to see succeed in their mission. The book picks up from where the last book left off. I felt there should have been a bit more back story in the beginning, but the reader catches up pretty quickly. You don’t have to read the first book, but it would help going into the second, (plus I’d recommend reading it because it’s good). 😉 I like how the plot gets thicker in this book, but a lot is revealed too. The story is action-packed and there is some violence, but nothing graphic at all. There are black and white illustrations scattered throughout the book that are a nice addition to the story. I like the Writer character, a mysterious lady who pretty much records everything that happens and is in charge of the time-travelers. I think it’s cool that the story takes place in modern Cornwall but people from different times pop in and out. The setting is described well and I found the story very enjoyable. This is great for MG or young advanced readers looking for a thrilling adventure.

I give this book four out of five bookworms!fourbooks

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To learn more about Ms. Morgan and her other books, please visit her website HERE.

Follow Ms. Morgan on Twitter HERE.

I love the cover on this book and the updated cover of the first book in the series – The Golden Sword!

Check it out!


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  1. Hmmmm…I’ll keep this one in mind. We’re just about to enter early medieval history in homeschool. This sounds like a fun accompanyment.

  2. Great review. It looks like a good book.

  3. A writer keeps track of the story? how interesting. I love the cover. Now, when are you going to give me your speed reading secret. My TBR list would thank you. 🙂 What is your reading goal for this year? 2500?

    • In AR points? About 200 (50 per marking period) points. I’m taking it easy this year. 🙂 You are expected to get about 20 points a marking period. My teacher, when I asked how much I was supposed to get, replied “a considerable amount”. 50 is more than double 20. SO… 😀

  4. I just noticed you are reading Rick Riordan’s Greek Gods. Did they send you the huge hardback? I saw it in a store and it is something fantastic. The story I read was terrific. Cannot wait for your review. 😀

  5. Stories about time travel are quite fascinating to me. Time itself is fascinating to me. I don’t have a very good vision of time. The whole concept is more than my canine brain can wrap itself around. This book appeals to me on many levels. The cover, the title, dragons – I’ll have to check it out. Thanks!

  6. Hi Erik! You know what, just the covers alone would entice me to read these books. I also love anything based on mythology.

  7. These covers ARE beautiful, Erik, and I must admit—I hear the word “Camelot” or a title like “Time Smugglers”—-I’m drawn in! 🙂 Thanks for the review, as always, my dear 🙂

  8. The book covers are done quite nicely! 🙂 Great to know about another time travel book. We should have asked you to be our guest blogger for our current reading theme. 🙂


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