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Howdy folks! Have I got a ‘treat’ for you today! It’s hot-‘dogging’ good! As part of the blog tour for “The Observations of the Obstreperous Animals,” the new book in Stanley and Katrina’s series written by my friend and co-host of the Write Chat video blog (if you haven’t signed up for our newsletter – click HERE and go check it out!), Felicia “The Neighbor Girl” Maziarz! For the blog tour, I get to interview one of the main characters from the book! I had the fortune of chatting with the count of canines, duke of dogs, king of K-9 Units, prince of puppies, baron of chew-bones…

The one, the only –



bloglogo1. Stanley, in your new book, you and Katrina are preparing for a pet Agility Course. We learn in the story, Katrina isn’t a big fan of it, but what do you think of it?

s&kStanleyHonestly, I thought it was kind of fun. I mean I’ll take hot dogs any day, but I also enjoyed the exercise. The only thing I didn’t like was the tunnel. It was a dark abyss of nothingness. Naturally, I ran through that part pretty fast. That’s why I got the fastest time of the day. Though, it did get a little boring after a few runs through, so I decided to side with Katrina. Woah, never
thought I would say that. 🙂


2. How do you stand living with What’s it like living in the same house as Katrina?


It was a little tough at first, but now I am used to it. I now am able to tune out pretty much anything that distracts me from gnawing at Mr. Burger (my burger shaped chew toy.)


3. You can always count on a good burger to help you out. In the new book, you and Katrina and Zorg have a poetry contest, and your poetry was melodious. How did you get to write such great poetry (unlike a certain cat who we shall not name for obvious reasons)?  


It kind of came naturally. Once Katrina lectured me for three hours (THREE HOURS!!!!!) about how to write adequate poetry and so on and so on. I then wrote some of my own. You are probably wondering why she taught me. She taught me so that she could beat me in the competition, and then I won. Classic Katrina.


4. *stifles laughter* Who is your role model? Why do you look up to them?


Well, I guess it would be those dogs on TV who jump into pools and stuff like that. They respect their owners so well and are great athletes. Also, it looks SUPER DUPER fun to be one of them.


5. Yeah, they sure are cool! So, in the new book, you and Katrina move. I’m guessing you don’t move far because your owners still pet-sit Zorg. What’s it like hanging out with the alien-obsessed, astronaut-wannabe Zorg (AKA Mr. Fluffypants the hamster)?


I think he is pretty cool while Katrina says he is an “incorrigible tiny groundhog.” I think the whole alien thing is unique and cool, and if aliens were to attack, I would have the supreme alien buster by my side. I would be stopping the invasion with Zorg while Katrina would be trying to convince the aliens to join her country.


6. I know what you mean, Stanley! It seems that your book is already getting lots of fan mail! Even Clyde (our Basset Hound) wanted to join in! He asked me to write this to you:

Dear Stanley,

I live with a chinchilla named Smoky Gorgonzola III. I can’t help but notice that my fluffy friend happens to be getting more treats than me! What would you do?

Help me!!!

Treat Necessity

Biscuit, Kentucky



I would be really nice. DO NOT meow all day like Katrina. Just be a nice, happy pet.

For the links to the other stops in the blog tour (and other info on it), take a looky! 🙂 PLUS make sure you make it to the bottom because there is a link to a raffle copter giveaway with a chance to win a $25.oo Amazon gift card!


Stanley and Katrina von Cat the Master of Wisdom and Knowledge are celebrating the release of their second book, The Observations of the Obstreperous Animals, by hosting their very own “Book Blasty Tour”. Thank you for taking the time to visit this special stop along their tour and be sure to enter the giveaway! 

About the Book

Title: The Observations of the Obstreperous Animals
Authors: Stanley & Katrina, Pet Authors
Year published:  2014
Number of pages: 106
Recommended ages: 10+ Independent Readers; 5+ Read-Aloud
Summary (Amazon): Cat and dog. It is a love/hate relationship. Stanley and Katrina are back to share more humorous glimpses into their exciting lives in their second book via short stories. Yes, the pets are at it again but this time compete in a slam poetry contest, visit a pet psychic, and much more.This cat and dog writing team makes you stop and wonder what happens at your house when you’re not there.

Book Preview Video

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The Buzz

“All the animal snippets are very funny. If you like animals and a good laugh, this is the book for you.” ~Carly K., Age 10
“Hilarious! Instantly became my favorite book!” ~Stephen E., Age 12
“You did it again! I loved reading about your crazy adventures!” ~Rachael S., Age 13
“Another one? How do they do this?” ~Stanley & Katrina’s owners

About the Authors: Stanley & Katrina

Stanley and Katrina are the pet authors of The Observations of the Obstreperous Animals.

is a three-year-old black Labrador/Rottweiler mix who does his best to ignore Katrina. Stanley enjoys snow, attention and turkey.

Katrina von Cat the Master of Wisdom and Knowledge is an eight-year-old grey tabby cat who loves her toy mouse.She enjoys treats, naps and bossing the dog around.

Neighbor Girl (Felicia) is the human who knows us (Stanley& Katrina) the best and helps us with everything. She loves writing, reading, acting, singing, reading gymnastics, doodling, reading, ice skating, painting, reading, doing computer stuff, oh… did we mention reading? She is the co-creator and co-host of “The Write Chat.”

You may visit the entire gang online at

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  1. What? Stanley was interviewed here?!? I was not aware of this! Thanks for participating on our Blasty Tour. I loved your post, except for Stanley being interviewed and not ME!

    ~Katrina von Cat the Master of Wisdom and Knowledge

  2. Love the glasses, Clyde. Love the glasses.
    Thanks for the interview!

  3. Super fun interview! Felicia, Much success with the book!

  4. I’ll be back ro read more later. Good stuff!

  5. Hahahaha, great interview my donut eating pal. BUT! You didn’t ask Stanley about a donut eating ritual. *deep sigh* LOVE this. LOVE Stanley and Katrina! You ROCKED it. 🙂

  6. I just loved the interview with Stanley — very creative! Since this is a series, should one start with the first book? My granddaughter is 8.5 yrs old and is in 3rd grade. She’s finally reading chapter books. She likes funny books, like Bad Kitty. Which do you recommend I start with with Stanley and Katrina?

    • For someone just getting into reading chapter books by themselves, I wouldn’t recommend it yet, because some of the words may be difficult. I would recommend it for a reluctant reader about 4-5th grade. It would make a GREAT read-aloud though! 😀

      • Thank you, Ms. Tilton. If you read the books aloud and use our free printables, they make a fun combo for younger readers. 🙂
        We like funny books, too!

  7. Hilarious, SuperKid! Great post!

  8. What a great interview, Erik! This is perfect for Matthew. I’ve got a lot of reads lined up for him 😉

  9. Erik, how could anyone NOT want to read this series after this interview??!!!

  10. I hope Mr. Fluffypants gets a chance in the spotlight someday!

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