Book Review – SEEING By Joseph Falank


By Joseph Falank

214 pages – ages 12+
Published by Winter Goose Publishing on June 27, 2014

Summary – 13 year-old Jake Sheppard has always been mocked in his class. After his father walked out on his mother and him, and his best friend became his tormentor, his life has been even harder. The fact that his grandfather, who has recently lost his wife, has come to live with them helps. His mom dating another guy doesn’t. Not in Jake’s mind.

What I Thought – This book is amazing. First off – the characters; Jake is a great kid. It’s not his fault that his life was turned upside down. Jake seems like a normal kid – nice boy, bullied, but still tries to keep positive. His life is harder than it seems to outsiders. Jake’s grandfather is the backbone of his family, after Jake’s father walked out on them. He props Jake and his mom up (emotionally), while doing the chores around the house, to help out. I like how Mr. Falank’s writing style shows the depth of the bond between Jake and his grandfather. Mr. Falank writes realistically. He seemed to get into Jake’s head well. Even though this isn’t the typical action/adventure book I usually go crazy over, the book really left an impression on me. The story kept me reading. I finished it in one day. The story, even though is one of loss, is also one of hope. It is motivating, in a way. The book is appropriate for all ages, but I think kids 12+ and adults will truly enjoy the message of the story. For anyone who says small press publishers don’t produce good books – check out Seeing. It will change your mind in many ways.

I give “Seeing” five out of five bookworms!fivebooks

Want to learn more? Check out Mr. Falank’s website HERE.

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  1. Your review is very sensitive and thoughtful. Yet another book I want to read. I wish I didn’t have to sleep. 🙂

  2. Great review. I need to recommend this to my grandsons or maybe gift it to them this Christmas.

  3. I agree with Michelle; your voice in the review is more reflective too.

  4. Great review, Erik! Sounds like another one that would be welcome either in our house or at our school library, or both! Thanks!

  5. Just goes to show you, Erik, that there’s more to reading (and life) than action/adventure 🙂 Excellent review 😀

  6. I love realistic fiction that kids can relate to and can help them through tough times. Excellent review.

  7. A year after you wrote this review I just read it. (oops!) I want to say it is obvious through this review that – as you stated – this book made an impression on you. I’m adding Seeing to my TBR list, hoping my local library has it or can get it in for me.
    Great job, Erik.

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