Double Play! Mutation by Roland Smith & Blood of Olympus by Rick Riordan

Get ready for some literary awesomeness in my post today! I have reviews of two books by two  of my favorite authors I waited for months to read!


By Roland Smith

Series: Cryptid Hunters
352 pages – ages 11+
Published by Scholastic Press on September 30, 2014

Marty, Grace, and Luther are back in the thrilling conclusion to the Cryptid Hunters series! Wolfe, who is Grace’s dad and Marty’s uncle, and scientist specializing in cryptids (animals rumored to exist but were never proven (Ex: giant squid, Bigfoot)), and his strange group of employees have pinpointed where Marty’s parents disappeared in the Brazilian jungle. The cryptid hunters team get to a member’s research base in Brazil, only to keep having team members go missing. It almost seems like they are getting picked off one by one… It seems like an isolated tribe is to blame, but how do they know basic English, and how to disable modern-day electronics? What will happen when the kids are the only ones left to protect the cryptids that Wolfe has rescued?

This was an amazing ending to the Cryptid Hunters series! Mr. Smith has a great series here, and I was sad to see it end, but I was very satisfied with the ending. There is enough action, adventure, and excitement to go around – I couldn’t put it down! Marty and Grace (and you as the reader) learn a lot about Noah Blackwood (the millionaire zoo-chain owner who is diabolically evil) in this book (for example, his name isn’t even Noah Blackwood!). I love how Mr. Smith mixes science and sci-fi together in his story lines. The characters in the series are ones that the reader gets to know well. The good guys are ones you will like and cheer for and the bad guys will make your skin crawl. The ending is great, but I also kind of thought it had to end the way it did (Noah was too popular to just go to jail). I really like how Mr. Smith pulled everything together in the end… now maybe he’ll reconsider and write another Marty and Grace book… pretty please?

I give this book five out of five bookworms!fivebooks


bloodThe Blood of Olympus

By Rick Riordan

502 pages – ages 10+
Published by Disney Hyperion on October 7, 2014

Percy. Jason. Annabeth. Piper. Frank. Hazel. Reyna. Leo. Nico. Coach Hedge.  Greek demigods. Roman demigods. (and one satyr) Traditional enemies. (except for the satyr) And the fate of the world rests upon their shoulders. (including the satyr) They must stop the evil earth giant, Gaea, from rising to destroy everything of mankind. She’s kind of in a grouchy mood and has made it hard for those demigods to stop her. Especially since she’s convinced the two Greek and Roman camps to fight each other to the death. With about a week before Gaea rises, and the two camps warring, how will the team stop the end of the world happening?

This was a very thrilling conclusion to the Percy Jackson Saga. It was also sad to see this series go, but I still enjoyed reading it. Mr. Riordan sure knows how to keep you hooked and reading. He adds just the right amount of humor into this book, mixed with plenty of thrills and danger, and a dash of despair. I finished it in about 3-5 days, only reading it in school (except for the last day). I noticed that The Blood of Olympus is darker than the other books. It seems that everyone is at their wit’s end in it,  which makes sense, seeing how they are going to go against extremely powerful giants. Everything gets tied up neatly. It also makes a nice progression in the series. As this is the last official Percy book that Mr. Riordan is doing (he’ll be doing a series on the Norse gods next!) we readers couldn’t have asked for a better end – well maybe that it wouldn’t end! Mr. Riordan has written a rather stunning ending to the Heroes of Olympus series. I can’t wait to read the Magnus Chase books (the Norse god books)!

I give this book five out of five bookworms!fivebooks


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  1. LOVE Rick Riordan!!!!! I ALWAYS give him five out of five donuts. Have NOT read this yet. But I will! I’m sorry to see the series end too. But the next will b just as awesome. I know another writer who knows how to add JUST the right amount of humor. Here’s a donut! 🙂 Thank you for sharing such an awesome review.

  2. Whew! That’s some mighty fine reviewing!

  3. Sounds like the waiting was well rewarded! Love when that happens!

  4. Thanks so much for the review. I’m a children’s bookseller and I try to read as many Middle Grade books as I can, but I haven’t gotten to the Cryptid Hunters yet. They look really scary and the animals look very fierce and dangerous. Can you tell me, are they as scary as they look?

    • Thanks for visiting my blog! The covers are MUCH more scary than the stories. I for one do not like horror or needlessly violent stories at all and I loved this series (I read the first book in the series when I was 10). There is some minor violence in the series but nothing graphic. Some of the characters die in the story but again it is not graphic. I’d say the series is more thrilling than scary. I hope this helps.

  5. Great reviews, Erik! The kids at our school have been talking about the Percy Jackson series for awhile, and they’re also very excited to read the Magnus Chase books. Did you know that Riordan has also written The Maze of Bones, one of the titles in the 39 Clues series? My son just read it and loved it, so now I’m trying to get him to consider Riordan’s other work. He hasn’t been interested in the Percy Jackson series for some reason. Go figure….

  6. Exciting books today, Erik! I like your enthusiasm for them. The Blood of Olympus sounds like a fine way to end the series. I haven’t read them all, but many of them. The Roland Smith books are less familiar to me but it does look a bit scary.

    • The Cryptid Hunter covers are all pretty scary but the books are more thrilling than scary (trust me, I don’t like scary). Mr. Smith has a bunch of different series out. I really enjoy his writing style. Maybe try his I.Q. series! 😀

  7. Really great reviews Erik. The first book cover looks fierce and wicked, but engaging. The second book cover is beautiful and tempts you to read. You were really on a roll today. Enjoyed reading your post. By the way, I thought you were to cutback on reviews. You’re like an unstoppable train — love your enthusiasm. Don’t know how you do it all!

  8. My MG reader just picked up Mutation at the book fair not knowing it was a part of a series, is it possible to read the last one and still understand the plot or should I be adding to the Holiday shopping list and pick up the others? Thanks for the wonderful reviews.

  9. I’ve seen Roland Smith’s series a few times now. Looks good!

  10. Double the fun with two super sounding books! Spectacular reviews, SuperKid!

  11. That is a VERY scary cover, I have to say, on Roland Smith’s book! I’m guessing a lot of people will pick it off the shelf for just that reason! lol And I DO know how you love Rick Riordan’s books, Erik, so the 5 stars does NOT surprise me! 😀

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