Creative Kid Thursday: Guest Review by Josie! Ben 10 Omniverse: Ghost Ship #1

Welcome to another edition of Creative Kid Thursday!

Today my guest kid reviewer is my sister Josie! 😀

Before I get to her review, I wanted to say congratulations to her because she achieved an awesome goal. Josie came in third place in points for the year in her class at the go-kart track she races at!!! This is very cool considering this is her first full year of racing. YAY!


Notice who sponsors her kart – right underneath the #100 😉

I am very proud of her. She has some awesome racing skills (something I want no part of – it looks terrifying – I am happy being part of the pit crew. 😉 ).


The karts go up to 50mph!




bentenBen 10 Omniverse: Ghost Ship #1

By Cory Levine

Art by Alan Brown

64 pages – ages 8+

Published by Viz Media first printing 2013

Summary (from Amazon) BEN 10 is one of the best-selling boy’s action franchises of all time! OMNIVERSE brings together the best of all Ben 10 series with new adventures in both the past and present, new villains and all new mysteries!

For more than five years, Ben Tennyson has been saving the universe with his Omnitrix, which allows him to use the DNA of aliens to take on heroic new forms. But he’s never encountered a challenge quite like this! Teamed up with a new partner, Rook, who seriously needs to relax, Ben investigates the mysteries of a hidden underground alien city and has to battle a new enemy, Khyber, who has only one thing on his mind: hunting down Ben 10!

Ben and Rook investigate a distress call that lands them on a stranded space ship with a secret…and puts them right where Khyber wants them, trapped with no way out while he and his shape-shifting dog hunt them down. Now Ben’s got to get off a ship that’s falling out of space, save himself and his partner from Khyber’s dog, and figure out the mystery of the “Ghost Ship!”

What Josie Thought – I really like Ben 10 cartoons. I think he is a good character. The book is pretty great. This book is about a cartoon of Ben 10 I saw. It was the same, but I liked reading the cartoon in the book. I actually like the pictures in this book better than in the cartoon. I think I like the whole book better. I like the story too. It is pretty exciting. I think other kids my age will like this book (I am ten). I don’t like that they say Ben 10 is for boys in the thing on Amazon. I am a girl and I love  Ben 10. I think other girls do too.

I will give this book five bookworms. fivebooks

I have another book that I want to tell you about too. It is very cool so I want to tell you about it. It is this one.

catbugBravest Warriors: The Search for Catbug
Edited by Joel Enos
Art by Alan McGinty, Ian Howell, Corin Lau, Fawn Hunt, Rachel Warburton, Mr. Turner, Zack Ciurczak, Dan Hillburn, Becca Monlongo, Jorge Lovett, Nate Smith, Brian Ferguson, Lee Smart, Jamie Campidelli, Maurizio Ry-Spirit, C Samantha Cummings, Matt Kuhn, Jeremy Leong, Sonia Fukuda Trant, Inori Chao, Jon Rupert, Mao Stanton, Domo Brown
64 pages – ages 7+
Published by Perfect Square on August 19, 2014

Summary from Goodreads:

Four teenage travelers traverse the universe saving those in need…though not always in the way you’d expect…in fact…never! Along the way they meet aliens, phantoms and other interdimensionals’ including everyone’s favorite, Catbug. Sometimes…they even meet themselves!

Featuring more than 25 artists, this is a new one-of-a-kind art book in the style of a classic seek & find from Perfect Square featuring the Bravest Warriors.

Catbug ate some weird new cubes of food that caused him to lose what little control he already had over his jump abilities! Now he’s careening through dimensions, unable to stop! Help the Bravest Warriors travel the galaxy and find Catbug. Just don’t eat any of those cube snacks or you might end up lost too!

What Josie Thought – I like comic books a lot. I like the pictures in them and this is a whole book of big cool pictures where you get to find Catbug. Catbug is cute. I like how all the pictures look different. There is a part in the back of the book that shows who made which picture. I like that. I like to find things in books like this. Sometimes Catbug was hard to find but I like that it was hard to do. The pictures show the adventure Catbug goes on.

I give this book five bookworms too. fivebooks

Now I am done 🙂

Thank you Josie for those great reviews!

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  1. My son loved Ben 10 … we read only one book though! I wish I knew about this one!

  2. Wow! Congrats to Josie — look at all those trophies! Thanks for the great reviews. The Catbug book looks very unique with all those different artists. And I like that Josie said Ben 10 isn’t necessarily only for boys. Pretty cool Go-Kart sponsor too :).

  3. Ben 10 is one of our favorite shows. We will love reading this book. The Search For Catbug sounds really neat too. I give Josie’s reviews 10 donuts! GREAT job!!!

  4. P.S. Josie, you did a great job this year. Wahoo!!

  5. Wow! Josie the Wonder Woman!! AARRROOOO!!

  6. Great choices, J. Both books sound like fun. You look awesome in your racing gear. I love riding in the car.

    Love and licks,

  7. Congrats on the go-karting, Josie! You’re VERY daring, I have to say!

    And I think you should let the author know to revise their description to say “this book is for boys AND girls”! 😀 That little Catbug reminds me of Pikachu, too! Great reviews 🙂

  8. Congratulations Josie! You are one cool sister. I love your sponsor and pit crew member.

  9. Josie, you are one tough cookie! I admire your daredevil approach to life. 😀 Awesome!

    I think my son would like Ben10. It looks creepy to me, but I’ve never been into comics. And the Catbug book looks fun. My son has enjoyed several of these “find the ___” books and considers them a challenge. So perhaps he’ll get some stocking stuffers from these recs.

    Thanks, Josie!
    (Oh, and I wanted to let you know that I’m a girl and I have a degree in engineering. Then I got a masters in writing. I am really good at math and science. So don’t let anyone tell you what girls or boys should or shouldn’t like or do!)

  10. I love go-carting! Congratulations, Josie! Cool place to promote your blog Erik! 🙂 Matthew likes Ben 10 I’ll try this out on him.

  11. Congratulations Josie! I love that you enjoy go-cart racing. What a really cool sister! And, I enjoyed your reviews, especially of Ben 10. Glad you like all kinds of books.

  12. Congrats, Josie! Those trophies are very impressive. Great reviews, too!

  13. Late again, but even so I have to say .. WOWOWOW, JOSIE! You go, Girl! Good for you!
    Great reviews, too.
    Erik, it’s fantastic you are part of your little sister’s pit crew, and that you were her sponsor. Good stuff! 🙂

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