Rhyme Schemer by K.A. Holt

rhymeschemerRhyme Schemer

By K.A. Holt

176 pages (hardcover) – ages 10+

Published by Chronicle Books on October 14, 2014

Synopsis- Kevin Jamison is a bully. And the entire school knows it. But when Kevin’s jerk of a brother, Petey, chucks Kevin’s poetry notebook (the whole book before that point) through the car window, a kid that Kevin had been bullying, Robin, finds the notebook. Now Robin is using it to blackmail Kevin and Kevin has to do everything Robin says. Now Robin begins to bully Kevin and Kevin is powerless. What’s even worse, is that the teacher is turning  a blind eye to the situation! What can Kevin do?

What I Liked- Even though Kevin isn’t a good kid, you still end up falling in love with his character. His plight, while well-deserved, is still unjust. It is sad that Kevin’s teacher does nothing at all. Ms. Holt has written a wonderful novel-in-verse that tugs at your heart-strings. Kevin goes through a huge character change from start to end. I like the touch of the “ripped-page poetry” that Kevin does being present in this book. They were pretty funny and creative. Mrs. Little, the school librarian, is a cool character and is the librarian that every school should have. (well, any librarian is good. But she’s a good role model.) 🙂 The point-of-view of the story is unique – from the bully’s view, and how he gets bullied. It kept me interested.

I give this book 5 out of 5 bookworms!fivebooks

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  1. Seems like a powerful concept and may help some understand that bullies are not as one-sided as they may seem.

  2. This was one of my FAVORITE reads of the year! I was also impressed by the “ripped-page poetry”! It’s amazing! Glad you like it too, Erik! Great minds 😉

  3. I love the sound of this book. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

  4. I really struggle with books written in verse. The flow never feels natural enough to me to get lost in story, as I can with prose. Although I did just order Brown Girl Dreaming, which is written in verse and I’ve heard on good authority is high in the running for next year’s Newbery. Have a Merry Christmas, Erik!

  5. I’m quite attracted to tales in verse. This one sounds pretty unique.

  6. I’d love to think the story ends with BOTH of them learning that bullying is NOT the way to handle things 🙂 (Don’t tell us, of course! lol)

  7. That certainly grabs my interest. I know my 4th grader (who has filled several notebooks with poetry) will like it. ( the poetry is the only similarity – she’s no bully. But what a great hook!)

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