Review! The Terror of The Southlands by Caroline Carlson

veryhonThe Nearly Honorable League of Pirates: The Terror of The Southlands (Book 2)

By Caroline Carlson

336 pages – ages 9+

Published by HarperCollins on September 9, 2014

Synopsis- [From the Jacket Flap] Hilary Westfield is a pirate. In fact, she’s the Terror of the Southlands! She’s daring, brave, fearless, and… in a rut. Maybe she hasn’t found any treasure lately. And maybe she isn’t fighting off as many scallywags as she’d like. But does that mean she and her loyal crew (including a magical gargoyle) deserve to be kicked out of the ranks of the Very Nearly Honorable League of Pirates?

But when the Enchantress of the North goes missing (presumed kidnapped), and the Queen’s Inspectors are doing a terrible job, it seems like the Enchantress has only one chance of rescue – the Terror of the Southlands and her crew! But what if rescuing a friend isn’t considered a very piratey thing to do?

What I Liked- This is the second book in the “The Nearly Honorable League of Pirates” series. I enjoyed the first book, “Magic Marks the Spot”, very much. For all who like a moderate fantasy with the lure of daring pirates and and snarky High Society (rich people) families, this series is for you! Hilary is a daring girl who is crossing boundaries by being one of the first female pirates ever (and she’s good at it too!). Hilary is a good role model for young girls (except those in High Society, of course). She thinks cleverly and quickly. I especially like her companion, Gargoyle. He was always a source of humor to me. The action on this book never stops, and you can’t put the book down! I read this in 2 sittings (as in, I had to go to bed sometime… But then I finished it in the morning. 🙂 )! Ms. Carlson is a marvelous author, and, after meting her, I determined she is a very nice lady. The book is very fun to read as well. There are letters, pages from newspapers, etc. (all fictional) from the characters (and their associates) between almost every chapter (if not all). Those were a great touch!

I give this book five out of five bookworms!fivebooks

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  1. Oh, this one looks like a lot of fun. I LOVE the cover! And it sounds good, too. More time! I need more time in my week!!

  2. Aarrgghh! A girl pirate. Nice. And a gargoyle. Double nice. I’ll have to sniff this one out!

  3. I’ve read both of these books and loved them. So glad you are enjoying them as well.

  4. I am SUCH a sucker for a great cover! Especially one with a castle, the ocean and a pirate ship! 😀 When a book is a can’t-put-it-downer, that says a LOT. I just had that with Brown Girl Dreaming! This one sounds terrific, super-reviewer, kid-turned-teen Erik 😀

  5. Sounds exciting. I love Hilary already!!

  6. Pirates, treasure, quest! What more could anyone want? Happy new year, Erik.

  7. What a great title and that is a long book to read in just two sittings!

  8. Wonderful review! Happy New Year.

  9. I have had the first one on my list since I first heard about it here! I will have to check this one out too. 🙂 Happy New Year!

  10. We agree, she IS a very nice lady! Felicia loved her first book – we’ll have to get her second. Thanks for the review, Erik!

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