Review! Night Buddies Go Sky High by Sands Hetherington

nightbud3Night Buddies Go Sky High

By Sands Hetherington

145 pages – ages 7+

Published by Dune Buggy Press on

Synopsis- John Degraffenreidt and his Night Buddy, Crosley (of Night Buddies Amalgamated) are back from their last adventure! After getting almost-attacked by the escaped Iguana Gang member from book 2, John and Crosley are hungry. Hungry for some pineapple cheesecakes. But when they get to the pineapple cheesecake factory, they find Big Foot Mae (the owner and runner of the factory) lying on the floor looking up at her star-puzzle (it shows all of the stars and their current positions) on the ceiling. There is a strange white dot in the sky, and it’s moving from the Corkscrew Constellation to the Houndog Stars. The Night Buddies team need to investigate it, and pronto. After all, what if the mysterious dot is hostile? They go get into a borrowed racing blimp and go high – sky high!

What I Thought- This is the third book in the Night Buddies series (see my reviews of book 1 HERE and book 2 THERE). John and Crosley are a great team and it shows that nice relationship in the book. The idea of the Night Buddies and the “programs” (A.K.A. adventures) they go on is cool and very kid-friendly. The black-and-white pencil-sketch illustrations spread throughout the book are a nice touch. The story line was good. I like how John and Crosley solve their problems. Like all the Night Buddies books, the different fonts of the typed words leap off of the page adding to the fun of the story. The plot moves along and will keep kids interested in the story. This story takes place directly after book 2, but at first I didn’t realize that, until a bit later in the book. I didn’t really care for how the story ended because it left a few too many loose ends hanging (I know a book should leave something for the next book, but I like to have a bit more ending than what was here).  Mr. Hetherington has written a good story that carries on this very enjoyable series.

I give this book four out of five bookworms.fourbooks

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  1. Sounds like a series filled with a lot of adventure. Sneaking out at night???

  2. Great review, Erik! Sounds fun

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