Book Birthday and Review! Mission Titanic (39 Clues: Doublecross Book 1) by Jude Watson


Mission Titanic
By Jude Watson
Series: 39 Clues: Doublecross (Book 1)
237 pages – ages 8+
Published by Scholastic on February 24, 2015

Synopsis- Ian Kabra is getting used to running the Cahill family empire. With his second-in-command Cara Pierce, they have it all under control. That is, until someone calling himself the Outcast, hacks into the mainframe Cahill computer, rearranges a meeting scheduling, and arranges a coup. Ian is literally thrown out of the Cahill mansion. The Outcast then challenges Ian. The Outcast has fiendishly recreated 4 of history’s worst tragedies, and Ian must stop the tragedies before innocent people get killed. The Outcast demands that Ian cannot involve outsiders. So, that means that… he must find Amy and Dan in their seclusion, and… *shudder* ask them for help and convince them to come back.

What I Thought- The 39 Clues remains one of my top favorite series. The idea of it is very cool – a different author writes each book in the series, taking the story where they want it to go. It is cool to read the different styles of authors in each book. It is an action-adventure series with complex characters and intriguing plots for kids. The online game that goes with the books is fun too – check it out at

After Gordan Korman wrapped up things so nicely in the  4th book of the Unstoppable series (Flashpoint) -I was wondering where the 39 Clues series was going to go next. Thank you Scholastic for getting Jude Watson to write the first book of this new series! Just like Ms. Watson did with the first book in the Unstoppable series, she sets up what is sure to be another excellent Cahill adventure! I like how the story seems to revolve more around Ian Kabra, as Amy and Dan had retired from the Cahills, even though they do get involved. There is a lot of mystery going on in this book and I was second guessing many of the character’s motives. I like that the story line makes you think and is not predictable at all. Like the Unstoppable series, there are 4 planned books in the Doublecross series. July 28th is WAY too long to wait for the second book in the Doublecross series to come out. Book 2 is titled Mission Hindenburg by C. Alexander London.

I give this book 5 out of 5 bookworms!fivebooks

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  1. Intriguing! And I love the cover on this book 🙂

  2. My son has read the others, so he’ll be pleased to hear that more are coming out. I’ll let him know. Thanks!

  3. I just started this series — well, the *first* 39 Clues series — and I’m digging iit.

    So this intrigues me.

  4. I’ve always been intrigued with the 39 Clues concept. I really need to start from the beginning and work my way through all the awesome books.

  5. So you got it before the release date, right?!!!

  6. I have yet to read a book from the “39 Clues” series and I KNOW a lot of great authors have written for it. Maybe SOMEday! *sigh*

  7. Sounds Good, Erik, I can see why you like it. Series are such fun, too. Especially when you love the author and can’t get enough of them.

    Read on , brave reader! 🙂

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