Stay Calm and Glitter On! Creative Kid Thursday Guest Review!

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Now, on to Creative Kid Thursday!

Hi! It’s me – Josie, Erik’s sister. 🙂

Erik is very busy at play practice. He got a part in the High School Musical. They are doing Tarzan. Erik gets to be the ship’s captain and a monkey in the jungle (which I think is a good part for him – ha ha ha).

I have a new storybook character I wanted to tell you about so I am today’s Creative Kid Guest. 🙂


The new character is called Glitterbelle. The reason why I like Glitterbelle so much is because I like princesses and she is pretty and she has good best friends (Angel and Dazzlina). I also like her dog, Bob. 🙂

I also REALLY like the illustrations in the book. They are like cut outs all put together. Here is a video about it.

Purple is also my favorite color and all the books are purpleish.

The books I got to look at were a story book, a journal book and 2 activity books.



I especially liked the journal book called “Glitterbelle Me and You: It’s All About What Makes us US!” I like that it is kind of like a diary.

I really liked the storybook too especially because of the pictures. I like that Glitterbelle likes to climb trees. I like to climb trees. I think Glitterbelle is a good character.

The activity books were fun and there was a lot to do. I think girls will like them.

I would give these books five book worms. 🙂 fivebooks

That is all I have to say. 🙂

Thank you Josie!

The storybook GLITTERBELLE THE SPARKLIEST PRINCESS EVER! summarizes Glitterbelle this way: “Glitterbelle is not your usual fairy-tale kind of princess. She’s the more sparkly, adventurous, totally caring, tree-climbing kind of princess!

The series is written by Rachael Duckett and Illustrated by Harriet Munchester

Want to learn more?

The publisher of Glitterbelle is Paragon Books. You can learn more about Glitterbelle on their website HERE!

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11 replies

  1. Hi Josie!

    A fine review!

    But, oh, how I hate glitter. That stuff gets everywhere and it’s impossible to vacuum up.

    In short, I’d be a bigger supporter of this book if her name was something like WashableMarkerBelle.


  2. Great review Josie! You just can’t have too much glitter. But the dog is named Bob? I didn’t see that coming!

  3. Great job Josie. Glitter is great!!

  4. Great review, Josie. i have this book on my to do list, but I doubt I could top your review. And I am not a big fan of glitter. Still, “Bob” is a great name for a dog, and funny! I suspect soon you will be replacing Eric. haha 🙂

  5. I can see why you like Glitterbelle, Josie. Those miniature sets are amazing! Thanks for sharing the sparkle and I do hope you’ll show us some pics, or better yet, video snippets of Erik’s monkey (and/or captain) performance.

  6. Josie – purple is a great color. What a fabulous review. Great Job!
    ~The Gang

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