I am feeling a bit purple today.

I am feeling a bit purple today. If you haven’t noticed, my blog is a bit purple – I am wearing purple heading off to school. Why all the purple?!?

Today is PURPLE DAY!

A day to bring awareness about epilepsy.


According to the Purple Day website “Cassidy Megan created the idea of Purple Day in 2008, motivated by her own struggles with epilepsy. Cassidy’s goal is to get people talking about epilepsy in an effort to dispel myths and inform those with seizures that they are not alone.” Click HERE to learn more.

I first became aware of epilepsy through Bethany Telles and reading about her son (Master Jedi) Renn. Renn has gone through some scary things with the condition and I’ve learned a lot about epilepsy through reading about him. I am happy to say that Mrs. Telles reports Renn is doing well and (after a very scary brain surgery), has been seizure free for one year! To read more about Renn CLICK HERE. After learning about Renn and epilepsy, I learned some of the kids at school have it some of my blogger friends (their loved ones) have it – I think it is a subject that kids need to know about it even if you don’t have epilepsy. It will help you understand what is happening to people in your lives who may have it.

In my effort to spread awareness about epilepsy, I have two book recommendations for you.


Mommy, I Feel Funny!

By Danielle M. Rocheford

Illustrated by Chris Herrick 

40 pages – ages 8+
Published by Green Swing, A Wyatt-MacKenzie Imprint on March 1, 2009

GoodReads SummaryBased on a true story, Mommy, I Feel Funny! introduces the reader to Nel, a little girl who is diagnosed with epilepsy. The story takes you through the days following Nels first seizure. Suddenly, Nel and her family are faced with thoughts, fears and emotions that come with the discovery, understanding and acceptance of epilepsy. 

katethegreatThe Great Katie Kate Explains Epilepsy

by M. Maitland DeLand

Illustrated by Jennifer Zivoin

32 pages – ages 5+
Published by Greenleaf Book Group Press on January 7, 2014

GoodReads Summary – Jimmy and the other young patients in the neurologist’s office get a visit from the Great Katie Kate, a spunky redheaded superhero who appears when kids get worried. Katie Kate takes the children on a medical adventure to learn about the various forms of epileptic seizures and treatments. Along the way, they meet the Worry Wombat, a creature that appears when worries loom large. As Jimmy and his new friends to ask questions about their condition and its triggers, they make the Worry Wombat disappear!

This superhero saga provides an entertaining and indispensable tool for parents and medical professionals who are seeking a positive way to help young epilepsy patients understand their condition and deal with their fears. As a well-respected physician who specializes in the treatment of women and children, the author presents challenging medical concepts in clear, accurate, and understandable prose.

Do you have any book recommendations that teach about epilepsy?

Now go wear some purple!



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  1. Two great reviews, Erik! Now off to find my purple gear.

  2. LOVE your reviews. You are the BEST! Thank you for spreading awareness. Will buy these books. (That shirt is AWESOME.) Wearing purple with you. 🙂

  3. You look good in purple! A good cause to support. So pleased to hear that Renn has been seizure free for one year! 🙂

  4. You look very handsome in purple. Perhaps I will wear my purple hat for such a good cause.

  5. Unlike you, sir, I lack fashion sense and do not own a single article of clothing that is purple.

    But today I am purple in spirit.

  6. I love the idea of a worry wombat. Well done finding these two great books for kids on the subject Erik and great shirt!

  7. I am so glad for Renn!
    These books look to be very good to help learn about epilepsy.
    Great shirt, but .. .is there also a pink day you commemorate? Coz .. I would LOVE to see you wear pink, Erik. 😉

  8. I know so many children who have epilepsy. Such a great cause to support today! I didn’t realize there were any picture books that deal with the subject. Great finds, Erik!

  9. You look like a purple super-hero, E. Nice choices. Those book will teach a lot of people about epilepsy. Well done, buddy.

    Love and licks,

  10. Kudos to you, Erik, for helping to spread awareness of Epilepsy. Thanks for the book recommendation. Happy Purple Day!

  11. And now you are wearing purple. My how you’ve grown since I first met you, and a fashion sense too. I’ll need to root through the drawers to find something purple, but I am with you. 🙂

  12. What a fashion sense you have, young man. And how much you have grown since we first met. (If this is a duplicate comment, it’s because the first never showed up). Great post. Love the books.

  13. wow, am I having trouble posting lately. Great post about a subject that needs much support. You look good in purple, Eric. You have really grown since we first met. Now if this is the third such comment (first two never took) wipe out two of them. 🙂

  14. Sorry I’m so late to reply, Erik, but I wore purple on the 26th too. Your pic in the purple shirt is hilarious. You should make that your profile pic! ha ha

  15. Lovin’ that purple shirt, Erik 🙂 Glad to know about Purple Day, though I’m seeing this a day late. Didn’t know about it and it’s a good one 😀


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