Review! The Zodiac Legacy: The Convergence by Stan Lee and Stuart Moore

zodiacThe Zodiac Legacy: The Convergence (Book 1)
Written by Stan Lee and Stuart Moore
Illustrated by Andie Tong
480 pages – ages 8+
Published by Disney Press on January 27, 2015

Synopsis- Steven Lee had no idea what he was getting into when he stumbled upon a huge underground warehouse-thingy where some strange ceremony is taking place. He somehow gets involved in a hidden battle to stop a power-hungry man who is now one of the most powerful men on Earth. The powers of the Zodiac animals were released into the world to find their “perfect host”, and the Tiger has settled in Steven’s body. Several of the receivers of the power are agents of the evil man – a man who holds the most powerful power – the Dragon. Steven needs to think fast, harness his new powers and stop the madman’s plot.


What I Thought- HOLY GUACAMOLE! This was a great book! I am a HUGE fan of Stan Lee so I was all over this book when it came out. I am happy to say, this book did not disappoint! Mr. Lee and Mr. Moore have crafted a riveting story packed with comic book action, fighting, mystery and super powers.  There is just the right amount of realism in the book to keep the reader thinking this really could be happening. Mr. Tong’s red, black, and white illustrations pop-up throughout the book. They look cool, and get the story into your head more. They give the story even more depth. The characters are well-developed, and were fun to read about and get to know. There are three planned books in the series. The ending of this book is quite a cliff hanger, but there is enough wrapped up in the story that the reader is not disappointed.  A lot of kids and adults will read this just because Stan Lee wrote a middle grade book. For a kid-comic book fan like me, it was just what I would have wanted.

I give this book 5 out of 5 bookworms!fivebooks


You can read about the creators of the series HERE.

Check out the website HERE.

Disney has a teacher’s guide to go with the book. Click HERE to get it.

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  1. This will probably appeal to many young readers and anyone enjoying his books. Great review!

  2. Sounds like quite an exciting book, Erik!

  3. I’m not up on my comic books. So is this written as a graphic novel? I’m assuming there are a lot of illustrations as that is a LONG MG book.

  4. My 4th grade son is loving this action adventure book too by Marvel Godfather Stan Lee. It’s the first book in a while that he can not stop reading!

  5. Great review of a wonderful book that grabs the attention of reluctant readers. Love your enthusiasm.

  6. Great review, Stan Lee is offering a summer online course through the Smithsonian in DC.

  7. Dang. That does look good.

    I’m beginning to think that Stan Lee doesn’t need sleep.

  8. Quite an endorsement, Erik! Loved the trailer! Stan Lee knows his audience.

  9. Where does it take place thought?

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