HOWDY! April is National Poetry month and I have some great books to tell you about. But first –

I’ve got a winner for you!

Not that long ago, I hosted a giveaway for a copy of Donna Galanti’s exciting new adventure book, “Joshua and the Lightning Road”.

Giveaway for US Residents

Giveaway for US Residents

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I will be emailing you for the address you want your book sent to. Congratulations!

Now on to some poetry!

All of these great books are getting 5 bookworms!


From a Smile Falls a Laugh

fallslaughBy Whit Albright

Illustrated by the Students of Mountain View High School


59 pages – ages 5+

Published by A Peaceful Press on July 20, 2009

Synopsis- From GoodReads: “Have a staring contest with the sun, meet a creature made our of cookie dough, visit a volcano that does the strangest thing, and have lunch with a giraffe. From a Smile Falls a Laugh is a whimsical walk into a world of creativity, joy, laughter, compassion and adventure through poems and illustrations. Each of Whit Albright’s poems is illustrated by a young adult who has created an original piece of artwork inspired by the writing. This inventive and entertaining book is meant to be shared by adults and children alike a wonderful read aloud activity for teachers or parents of small children, or a playful experience for kids who are old enough to read it themselves. From a Smile Falls a Laugh contains poems and illustrations that are intended to plant the seeds of hope, nurture caring, and create kindness towards others.

What I Thought- This was a great poetry book. I like that the poems are illustrated by High School Students (one student did the picture for each poem). They are all unique in their styles, so it gives a fresh feel for each poem. Mr. Albright’s poems are funny and will have you laughing out loud! They are creative, whimsical, and very kid-friendly. Mr. Albright really knows how to write a great poem! This is a fun book of poetry. I think that kids would enjoy it, as all the humor is younger-oriented, so the kids would get the jokes. This would make a great bedtime story!


Shel Silverstein Collection

By Shel Silverstein

ages 4+

Published by HarperCollins

Synopsis- From Publisher:

Falling Up Special Edition:
Twelve new, never-before-published poems by Shel Silverstein have been added to the classic edition of his bestselling poetry book, FALLING UP!

Where the Sidewalk Ends Special Edition:
Happy Birthday, WHERE THE SIDEWALK ENDS! Celebrate 40 years of this favorite bestselling poetry collection by the outrageously funny and profound Shel Silverstein!

Every Thing On It:
The second original book to be published since Silverstein’s passing in 1999. With over 100 never-before-seen poems and illustrations completed before he died and pulled from his personal archives, EVERY THING ON IT will follow in the tradition and format of his other acclaimed bestselling poetry collections!

A Light in the Attic Special Edition:
Twelve new, never-before-published poems by Shel Silverstein have been added to the classic edition of his bestselling poetry book, A LIGHT IN THE ATTIC!

What I Thought- I’ve always been a fan of Mr. Silverstein’s poems, so seeing them here in these four books was a joy. Mr. Silverstein has his style of humorous, black & white drawings that go well with his hilarious poems. They often provide a deeper meaning to the poem (whether humorous or not), like a giant tail of a terrible Hi-Monster is featured on one page, and on the next, you see the tail connecting to a small creature (saying “Hi”). The books are very good, and I was happy to be able to read them. There are 36 new poems in the books – 12 in Where the Sidewalk Ends, 12 in Falling Up, and 12 more in A Light in the Attic – in celebration of the 40th anniversary of Where the Sidewalk Ends! This is a marvelous collection!


bronzevilleBronzeville Boys and Girls

By Gwendolyn Brooks

Illustrated by Faith Ringgold

48 pages – ages 4+

Published by Amistad on January 27, 2015

Synopsis- From GoodReads: “In 1956, Pulitzer Prize winner Gwendolyn Brooks created a collection of poems that celebrated the joy, beauty, imagination, and freedom of childhood. She reminded us that whether we live in the Bronzeville section of Chicago or any other neighborhood, childhood is universal in its richness of emotions and experiences. And now a brand-new generation of readers will savor Ms. Brooks’s poems in this stunning reillustrated edition that features vibrant paintings by Caldecott Honor artist Faith Ringgold.

What I Thought– This is a nice multicultural poetry book that takes place in the 1950’s (or sometime around then). The poems take place in the Bronzeville section of Chicago, but could be anywhere where there are kids. They are simple poems, narrating from a character’s view. I like how it shows how people thought back then (in one poem, a girl is lamenting that she won’t be able to run anymore because it’s unladylike). Ms. Ringgold’s illustrations add a nice, warm feeling to the poetry. Altogether, they are a great team for this book.

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  1. I love the sound of the first one. Thanks for sharing, Erik. Kids paintings are the best. I hope it becomes mainstream for them to illustrate.

  2. Peacy power-packed poetry picture book presentation!

  3. Yay! Love kids poems, they’re so fun 🙂

  4. We love Shel Silverstein! We especially love hearing him read his own work on CD.

  5. First, Congrats to overthemountainsagain! 😀 I’ve always enjoyed Shel Silverstein’s work and I have to say, I LOVE the look and title of this book illustrated by high school students. What an image in these words: From a Smile falls a Laugh. Just fantastic! Thanks for the reviews, Erik 🙂

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