Jet Lee Dragon Warrior by Pamela K. Witte

jetleeJet Lee Dragon Warrior By Pamela K. Witte Illustrated by Laurie Tisdale 130 pages – ages 8+ Published by Pam Witte on January 17, 2015       Synopsis-jetLeeDragonWarrior What I Thought- This is a fun book! It is based on some ninja/samurai concepts, but set in New York City. I didn’t expect almost everyone that Jet knew to be a Dragon Warrior. That was cool. Jet is a clumsy, small, and weak tween who you can’t help but like and root for. Everyone loves to see an underdog win, right? The story is fast paced and flows well. Ms. Witte is a gifted story teller. At 130 pages it is a quick read, but the story feels complete. There are some neat manga-like illustrations through-out the book. I like how Jet, as a character, messes up simple things (like (not) catching an important vial), building up the fact that he’s clumsy – I like a hero who is more realistic. Ms. Witte has written a great book and is another example of a self-published book done right! I give “Jet Lee Dragon Warrior” 5 out of 5 bookworms!fivebooks

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  1. Erik, I’m so glad you reviewed Jet Lee – and gave it 5 bookworms! I’m currently reading it and also loving it. Thank goodness, because Ms. Witte is a friend (full disclosure, right?), and it’s embarrassing when you read friends’ books and don’t love them….

    IMO this book is also perfect for reluctant readers, which I believe is part of the intention. Fun story, as you say, and very well written. I totally agree with you about “a self-published book done right”.

  2. I wonder if this character has anything to do with the real Jet Li? Like the illustrations too

  3. Ms. Grindstaff is right! JET LEE DRAGON WARRIOR is absolutely designed as an awesome reluctant reader for kids who get intimidated by complex plots and humungous words. However because it is a fast-paced action adventure filled with fun, friendship and magic, hopefully all readers will enjoy it! Something I really love about the book are it’s illustrations Laurie Tisdale is an amazing, young media artist, I think she really nailed the characters and action! And yes to Yvette, Jet is named after the awesome Wushu master Jet Li. 🙂
    Thank you Erik, for your wonderful review. My goal is to create great books that will get kids reading and having Jet Lee on This Kid Reviews Books has been a wonderful experience!

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