REVIEWS! Farewell Flopsy and A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to School

Benjamin Chaud is a French author/illustrator whose work I admire. I am reviewing two of his latest books.

Both of these books get five out of five bookworms from me!


farewellFarewell Floppy
By Benjamin Chaud
40 pages – ages 3+
Published by Chronicle Books on March 3, 2015

Synopsis- From GoodReads: “It was the perfect plan: abandon pet rabbit Floppy in the woods and take a giant leap toward adulthood. Having a bunny that moonlights as a best friend is for babies, right? It’s better to cut a pet loose, make new human friends, and not be so dependent on a floppy-eared fur ball bent on chewing electrical cords, right? If saying good-bye to Floppy is required to grow up, why does life without Floppy seem so wrong?

What I Thought- After reading this book, I have decided that lop bunnies (what Floppy is) are the rabbit equivalent to Basset Hounds (which I have one). They both seem very lazy. 😉


My dog Clyde’s “excited” look.

Mr. Chaud is a fabulous artist with an eye for detail. It really shows through in his work. This book is sweet, and teaches a valuable lesson. A story about deciding to abandon your pet in the woods may seem a bit harsh, but in reality, the story is about the boy choosing his pet and seeing how much he cares for him and the value in the pet. I like how the kid goes through a major character change by the end of the story. It made me smile.

afunnythingA Funny Thing Happened On The Way To School…
By Davide Cali
Illustrated by Benjamin Chaud
44 pages – ages 6+
Published by Chronicle Books on March 3, 2015

Synopsis- From GoodReads: “First, some giant ants steal breakfast.

Then there are the evil ninjas, massive ape, mysterious mole people, giant blob, and countless other daunting (and astonishing) detours along the way to school. Are these excuses really why this student is late? Or is there another explanation that is even more outrageous than the rest?

What I Thought- This is a follow-up to “I Didn’t Do My Homework Because…” (see my review HERE), and it didn’t disappoint! Kids will love this book! As someone who is almost always just in time to school, this book is a necessity for me! Mr. Cali and Mr. Chaud are a wonderful team who work very well together. The book is funny, and outrageous, and totally unbelievable…or is it? You’ll never know… Mr. Chaud did a great job illustrating. He has a realistic, yet whimsical approach to his art. I find it funny (and cool) how the ninjas’ legs can bend backwards. Cali’s zany story captures the mind of a kid perfectly. This is a great book!

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  1. Last time I was in France, I picked up the French version of “I Didn’t Do My Homework.” It is one of my all-time favorite books. The humor and illustrations are WONDERFUL. A perfect author-illustrator pairing! Looking forward to reading M. Benjamin Chaud’s latest books. After all, how can you not be “hot” for a writer and illustrator named “chaud.” (I know a bad joke! It’s the best I got! :)) Clyde seems a tad overworked. Poor dog! Great review, Erik!

  2. We do share an admiration for good looking PBs!

  3. Yay for Clyde! He will never die of stress. 🙂 I have heard of the second book. In fact, I heard good things about it. I do this, too. I find an author I really like and read their books in bunches. 🙂

  4. I love me some Clyde. Jack and Frodo feel his laziness and they raise him an eat, sleep, eat, sleep. All the livelong day. (Plus, 10,000 donuts.) 🙂 Both books sound right up my alley (with several donuts added in). I mean, eating donuts and reading just go hand in hand. Right? I LOVED I Didn’t Do My Homework. So I shall go a book shopping tomorrow.

  5. Excitement is highly overrated. Clyde looks like he just enjoys life from the horizontal position.

    As for the books, they look (and sound) great! Love the phrase: almost always just in time for school. Speaks volumes about your mad dash. I will have to check this pair out.

  6. They both sound really cool, Erik!

  7. Super sounding PBs. Poor Clyde. He’s probably tired from trying to keep up with you. As always, great reviews, Erik.

  8. Great books! I loved both (We split this. Floppy is yours, A Funny Thing, mine). Please slow down. Great insights with both reviews. When I read that Floppy would be tied up and left in the woods, I had to close the book. I did read it all over, getting past that point, and loved the ending. Yes, it is a harsh idea–please do not attempt this at home. 🙂

  9. Love, love, love this humor, but it also sound very moving.

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