Review! Orangutan Houdini by Laurel Neme

orangutanOrangutan Houdini

Written by Laurel Neme

Illustrated by Kathie Kelleher

32 pages – ages 5+

Published by Bunker Hill Publishing Inc on October 8, 2014

Synopsis- Fu Manchu is the head orangutan at the Henry Doorly Zoo. And he’s an escape artist! Several times, Fu and his troop mysteriously appear in another area of the zoo, outside of an exhibit. And the people in charge are sure the door was locked… What is going on? How do they keep going out?

What I Thought- This is a cool book based on a real person – ER – Orangutan. Fu Manchu (love the name) was a real ape, who really did escape the enclosure in his zoo. The illustrations compliment the story well and add detail and some humor to the enjoyable text. They capture the feeling of cleverness, good-nature, and humor of the characters perfectly. The story is not necessarily laugh out loud funny, but it definitely has some giggle moments. This book can get kids interested in orangutans, zoos, or locks. I am thoroughly impressed with Fu’s lock-picking skills. There are some words in the text that will be difficult for smaller children to read it independently, but I think it is a wonderful read aloud for kids and adults to share together. This is a really cool book I am sure many kids will enjoy!

I give “Orangutan Houdini” four out of five bookworms!fourbooks

I love the jazzy trailer!

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  1. Escaping is a great skill. I wish I had it…. Lucky Fu…..

    Love and licks,

  2. I love that name too. It actually comes from an old series of books by Sax Rohmer.

  3. Sounds great, Erik! I love that it’s a true story.

  4. I’ve heard of this cheeky monkey. Gonna give this one a peek.

  5. “. . . or locks.” That’s funny. Though I have no interest in loc, the story being a true tale, or at least based on one, I would love to read it. Nice review.

  6. Sounds cute and vaguely like Goodnight Gorilla! Great review, Erik!


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