Review! If an Elephant Went to School by Ellen Fischer

elephantSchoolIf an Elephant Went to School

Written by Ellen Fischer

Illustrated by Laura Wood

32 pages (Hardcover) – ages 5+

Published by Mighty Media Kids on August 11, 2015

Synopsis- If an elephant went to school, what would she learn? Why, she most certainly wouldn’t learn the ABC’s! She’d learn how to use her trunk as a multi-tool! What about an owl? What would he learn? And a zebra? What about him? And, most importantly, what would YOU learn, if you went to school?

What I Thought- This is a really cute picture book! I like that it teaches kids about what animals would learn to live a nice life for them. It’s funny how it shows the animal in question first in a school environment with other animals doing “normal” things, and then in their natural habitat. I also like how the reader learns synonyms for “no way” throughout the book. Ms. Wood’s illustrations are funny, and you seem to catch the enthusiasm that her drawings embody. They go great with Ms. Fischer’s writing style, which is of a nice, “imagine that!” kind of attitude. I love the scenarios the animals find themselves in, and the very last pages are totally awesome!

I give this book five out of five bookworms!fivebooks

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  1. Great book for kids about to enter elementary school.

  2. I just melted when I saw the cover. Gotta mop myself up. Sorry for the mess.

  3. For a kid starting kindergarten, this book sounds like a winner. The cover illustration is adorable. Great review, Erik!

  4. Really cute cover. Elephant? School…great way to prepare little ones for learning. We would all envy Elephant’s memory. Lovely review, Erik.

  5. So very late. I have been ill and guess what book I came back with? Yep, If an Elephant Went to School. Nice review. Point, This Kid!


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