Review! Last Panda Standing by Jarrett J. Kroscozka

pps3Platypus Police Squad: Last Panda Standing (Book 3)

By Jarrett J. Krosoczka

256 pages (Hardcover) – Ages 7+

Published by Walden Pond Press on May 5, 2015

Synopsis- Platypus Detective Rick Zengo doesn’t know what to think of the new addition to the detective squad. Or that she’s now partnered with HIS partner! But when Frank Pandini JR, candidate for mayor of Kalamazoo City, almost gets hit by a flying squirrel, Zengo gets assigned to be a second eye for Pandini. But something nutty is going on in Kalamazoo City, and it looks like the Platypus Police Squad will need all hands on deck to crack this case!

What I Thought- Mr. Krosoczka has written another fun kids’ book, starring our favorite crime-stopping platypi. It’s awesome how he writes what could be an intense, middle-grade/young-adult story into a graphic-novel-like early chapterbook/middle-grade for kids. The book is completely appropriate for younger readers. Boomerangs are the weapon of choice for the police force, and a night club is known for its root beer floats. The characters’ personalities are spot-on, and they create a sense of normality for the reader to connect with (if you can call an animal-driven city “normal”).  I like Mr. Krosoczka’s black-and-white illustrations. They make the story that much more fun to read! I really like this book series!

I give this book five out of five bookworms!fivebooks

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  1. Crime-stopping platypi! The ideas this guy has!!!

  2. Platypus detective? Now who would ‘a thunk it?


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