Review! Lionel Goes to Camp by Paul R. Hewlett

lionel#3Lionel’s Grand Adventure #3: Lionel Goes to Camp

By Paul R. Hewlett

112 pages – Ages 8+

Published by Shoe Shine Publishing, Inc. on June 4, 2015

Synopsis- Lionel Snodgrass was excited to be going to camp for the first time. His father went to the camp once, and Lionel wants to be more like him. All was going well, until he finds that one of his roommates is Tad, the biggest bully in the school. Now Lionel is just going to try to avoid Tad. How will he have a good camp now?

What I Thought- This was a nice book. I really like the series. [See my review of Book 1 HERE!] Lionel is a good kid, and you feel sorry for him as he carries on being a nice kid as people keep being horrible to him. It’s great how Lionel is trying to follow his missing father’s footsteps. I like the illustrations throughout the book. They are nice and funny. Mr. Hewlett’s writing style really goes with the book and is great for his audience. You get the feeling of a non-perfect kid trying his best to be a good person. I think kids will enjoy this series.

I give this book five out of five bookworms!fivebooks

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  1. Nice review! I think any kid who has found himself in a spot like this can relate. I love books like that, that present situations like ones we all go through. It even happens when we grow up!

  2. You write the most awesome reviews. (LOVE his writing style.) I love this series but have not read this one. I will though. 🙂 I had stopped getting your posts in my inbox, donutty buddy. I went in and signed up again.

  3. Love that cover and your review. Great summer read!

  4. Thanks, Erik! I appreciate you taking the time to read and review my book.

    Paul R. Hewlett

  5. A story that seems to encourage kids to have fun camping (show me a child that doesn’t enjoy camping) Love your reviews.

  6. Poor Lionel. Seems bullies keep pestering him. First is brother and now Tad. Did Lionel still have his Potbellied Walbaun to help him out? Mr. Hewlett is a terrific writer. Nice review, Erik.

  7. It is so comical to see how the Walbaun foot interperets his wishes and the prediciments Lionel gets thrown into. And what kid doesn’t dream of going to camp?

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