Dot Day 2015!

Hi Blogosphere! Guess what day it is?

That’s right! It’s  INTERNATIONAL DOT DAY!!!!

Okay, well it’s actually September 15th-ish and I already had a post scheduled yesterday so I am taking advantage of the “ish” part. 😉

As (via Peter H. Reynolds, author of “The Dot”) states: “

Celebrate Creativity, Courage & Collaboration!

Imagine the power and potential of millions of people around the world connecting, collaborating, creating and celebrating all that creativity inspires and invites. I hope you will join the growing global community of creativity champions using their talents, gifts and energy to move the world to a better place.”

Dot Day is a day celebrating creativity. It was created for the purpose of bringing people together. So, on that theme, and I was feeling a bit mathematical today, I give you my dot.


Thank you for reading my post! For more information, visit the official website HERE!

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  1. Great idea, Erik I love your dots!

  2. Your dot is perfect!!

  3. Love the dot! Three cheers for Dot Day!

  4. This is really an awesome dot!

  5. Nice dot! I didn’t get to do one this year, but dragon did.

  6. Fantastic dot! Keep making your mark!

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