Review! Headwinds by Gretchen K. Wing


Series: The Flying Burgowski (Book #2)

By Gretchen K.Wing

288 pages – ages 12+

Published by Madrona Branch Press on November 24th, 2014

Synopsis- The Flying Burgowski…flies…again! Jocelyn Burgowski is pretty happy. Her mom is back on Dalby Island, her brother Michael is [mostly] nice to her, and she flies on an almost regularly basis. What can go wrong? Well, Jocelyn’s mom is (pretty much) seen, as she was forced to land on her boss’ roof. Then at Joss’ birthday party, Michael goes, and tries to fly by jumping off of a cliff. He lives, but is pretty messed up, and in the hospital. Add the fact that there is at least one person on Dalby Island from a strange, ancient cult that was formed pretty much for the purpose of grounding Flyers like Jocelyn and her mom, and Jocelyn has no idea what is going on with her life. There is only a small amount of people on Dalby, but a lot of suspects…

What I Thought- This was a great book! The adventure is fun, and really nails pretty realistically the life of a teenager (even with a flying teenager). The second book in the series catches the reader right up with what is going on. Ms. Wing has a great writing style that really brings you into the story and lets you visualize the setting. You feel for Jocelyn as she is trying to figure out who is trying to bring the Flyers down. Her character is believable and well-developed. The book has a thrilling plot that keeps you on the edge of your beanbag chair (which is a hard thing). I really hope that there is a book three, but this book ended well giving the reader a satisfying feeling.

I give this book five out of five bookworms!fivebooks

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  1. Nice to see there is a second book in this series!

  2. Sounds interesting. And that cover art is intriguing, too.

  3. I love the freedom of flying in my dreams — so I would really enjoy reading this great story. Love your enthusiastic review!

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    Look who’s at it again with a review of my second book, Headwinds! Yes, it’s the amazing 13 year-old Erik Weibel, a.k.a. This Kid Reviews Books, who’s been blogging book reviews since he was NINE. Read what he has to say about mine! (Spoiler alert: he likes it a lot.) And just in time for the Books By the Bay Book Festival in Bellingham, where I’ll be signing copies of my–ahem–award-winning YA novel The Flying Burgowski next Tuesday afternoon, Sept. 29, at 2:30. Tell all your Bellingham buddies to stop by the Hotel Bellwether and get a signed book! Now–take it away, Erik!

  5. Hang onto your beanbag chair, Erik! 🙂

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