Confessions of an Imaginary Friend by Michelle Cuevas

jackieConfessions of an Imaginary Friend – a memoir by Jacques Papier

As told to Michelle Cuevas

176 pages – ages 9+

Published by Dial Books on Dial Books, September 8, 2015

Synopsis- Somewhere in France, there lived an evil wiener dog named François. In François’ house, there lived a young girl named Fleur Papier, and she had a twin brother named Jacques. This book is about Jacques. Jacques is a good brother. Polite, fun, imaginative, and so much more. That is, until Jacques accidentally overhears his parents talking and learns that… Fleur has an imaginary friend. How could she have one, and if anything, not tell him? That wasn’t a nice thing! Well, two can play at that game. But when Jacques’ imaginary friend is huge, and takes up a lot of room, his parents yell out that an imaginary friend having an imaginary friend was “too much imagination” – and that was saying a lot, as they work in the imagination business. Wait. What? Can it be true? That Jacques is… An imaginary friend? Jacques soon realizes it is true, but he has a hard time adjusting. What if that by finding out he was an imaginary friend ends up driving him away from Fleur?

What I Thought- This was an amazing book about learning who you really are. Jacques (who we thinks is based off of Jackie Paper from Puff the Magic Dragon) is a memorable character who tugs at your heart strings. You really feel for him as he realizes that he is really his “sister’s” imaginary friend. The sad thing is, she didn’t even know he was imaginary! At least it explains how no one paid attention to him. Imagine if you were ignored all of your life, and then suddenly find out that you aren’t real. There are some simple illustrations in the book that add a lot to the story. I would really recommend this book to anyone looking for a really meaningful story that makes you think. I think that this book is good for an older audience (at least 12+), as they will get the impact behind it, but the story is all clean, and good for younger kids.

I give this book five out of five bookworms!fivebooks


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  1. Wow, what an unusual premise! Thanks for featuring this book. Sounds very interesting . . .

  2. This sounds like a really fun book! I may just have to get myself a copy 🙂

  3. I love the theme of imaginary friends in a book. This looks like a great read!

  4. What an amazing twist. I was gripped by your synopsis.

  5. The imaginary friend of an imaginary friend?? You said it right, E. Wait. WHAT?!?! That’s what I’d say, too! What a fun book choice. Mom will be on the lookout for this one.

    Love and licks,

  6. Great review (of a book that looks amazing!). As always. Keep up the good work. Marie

  7. I’ve heard of this one, Erik. The storyline grabbed me as soon as I saw it and it landed in my TBR. It’s good to know that you liked it. Your reviews are always influential.Keep up the good work.

  8. Wow! This sounds really cooooollll!! Gotta read this one. And get it for our school library. Thanks, Erik!

  9. Lots of people have imaginary friends. I still have one: an ancient book of wisdom which I dip into and which sustains me through all my difficulties.

  10. I really like that cover and the concept sounds intriguing, albeit a little sad. Must read it and find out!

  11. You had me at “evil wiener dog,” lol!

  12. I must get this book. It sounds adorable. I love imaginary friends! 🙂

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