Review! 101 Movies To See Before You Grow Up by Suzette Valle

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Who is the guy?

Why it is none other than children’s book author and capybara lover – MIKE ALLEGRA!

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Now, on to the review!


101movies101 Movies To See Before You Grow Up

Written by Suzette Valle

144 pages – ages 9+

Published by Walter Foster Jr on October 19th, 2015

Synopsis- Don’t spend your time looking for the latest movie to watch! There is a treasure trove of movies already made that you can feast your eyes on! Don’t know which ones of the thousands and thousands to watch? Are you looking for a good movie with lots of family fun? Or how about adventure? Fantasy? Even romance? This is the guide for you!

What I Thought- I like the idea of this book. Who wouldn’t love a list of a bunch of great movies? Of course there is always going to be someone saying so and so movie should be listed in the book (you can’t please everyone). I was happy to see some of my favorite movies listed (and the two greatest movies ever made – The Princess Bride and Star Wars 😉 ). I liked that there were little “Fun Fact” boxes about the movies, actors, directors, etc. There is also a spot to put your own rating and notes about each movie. The author included a note cautioning about ratings (some movies are PG or PG-13). I enjoyed the book. I noticed the book was heavy on the recommended Disney movies. In all fairness Disney makes a ton of really great movies and I’ve seen almost every one mentioned in the book – actually the movies deserve to be on the list, but I would have liked to see some movies recommended that laid the groundwork for what movies are today (and ones that kids would enjoy). A Charlie Chaplin movie or Abbot and Costello Meet Frankenstein? How about a Harold Lloyd or a Buster Keaton Movie? But that is just my opinion. I do like that the book includes documentaries (some of which I still have to see) and it is very well organized. There are definitely movies on the list that I have marked to watch. After reading the book I am thinking maybe I should branch out – This Kid Reviews Movies 😉

I give this book four out of five bookworms. fourbooks

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  1. I sure like your opinion suggestions!

  2. Hi, Erik! I reviewed this book too! (Great minds think alike, eh?) I thought it was a fun thing for families to do together. But you’re right; it would have been even better if it included Charlie Chaplin or Buster Keaton, etc.

  3. Anyone who loves capybaras is okay by me! Another fine review

  4. 101 Movies for Kids. Interesting idea. I hope there was a Walter and Gromit on that list. No kids list can be without Walter and Gromit. Gromit could match, if not beat, Snoopy in a flying race (plane vs. doghouse). I like books like this. Not sure why, but I do.

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