Review! Love, Daddy by Mike Ang

lovedaddyLove, Daddy

Written by Mike Ang

Illustrated by Katherine Killeffer

32 pages – ages 3+

Published by Michael Ang on June 16, 2015

Synopsis- The story follows a loving father as he watches his daughter grow up. Throughout his daughter’s life, all the ups and downs, the dad is always there to assure her that he loves her.

What I Thought- I like the idea of the book. It is very sweet. There need to be more books on dads and daughters and the special bond they have. The story hits the feeling of a dad’s love for his daughter spot on. New fathers will love to have a copy of the book. It is told in a rhyme that seems to work with the story but is a bit choppy in one or two places. The main characters are panda bears, which is a fun touch. I think it’s nice to use animals in stories like this because it helps people of all ethnicities relate to the characters. I really liked the reassuring ending of the book – the (grown up) daughter loves and appreciates her dad.  I think the story is meant for a variety of ages – an older child can read it by themselves but it would make a terrific read aloud for a Dad and his daughter too. The illustrations are bold primary colors with defined lines. I personally don’t think the illustrations worked with the story (they are not at all “bad” but they just weren’t a good fit). Many of the pages were to busy and took away from the story. That being said, I would still recommend the book for a new dad or as father’s day gift or maybe for military dads to give their daughters while they are away. Seeing as how this is Ang’s first children’s book, I’d like to see more.

Three out of five bookworms for this heart-felt story that is worth a read. threebooks

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  1. Nice, level review. There does need to be more dad books, period. It’s nice to see authors are trying to fill that void.

  2. There definitely is a need for more books about dads and their relationships with their children. Great review, Erik!

  3. So interesting! Lovely review, dear. 🙂

  4. Good to have more books about Daddies. Nice review Erik.

  5. This seems to be a good book for daddies to read with their little ones, especially since there are so many about mommies and their children.

  6. I agree with Robin, we need more books with Dad’s interacting with kids.

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